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Today on the Hill Obama partisan Plouffe is trying to set unrealistic expectations to give the left the chance to say: Republicans fell short.

White House senior adviser David Plouffe — Obama’s 2008 presidential campaign manager — said that a bevy of races were in play, from the national to local level.

“There are a lot of competitive races out there. There’s going to be at least 70 House races in play, about 15 competitive Senate races, a couple dozen tough gubernatorial races,” he said in a video to supporters of Organizing for America, the president’s political arm.

Plouffe painted a picture of a dire electoral landscape in which, if Democrats were to lose the majority of those races, their losses would be massive.

Plouffe is trying to scare the troops into action and paints the most dire picture you have ever seen. Glenn Reynolds (by who I first saw the story) asks if he is inflating. The answer is he THINKS he is. Certainly on the senate side 15 is unrealistic, but the dynamics are very different.

For example Ma-1 is not on a lot of people’s radar, but Sitting congressman John Olver has challenged Bill Gunn to 3 debates. Think about that a second. A sitting congressman with nearly two decades in the house has been reduced to challenging a political newcomer to debate him on the issues in MASSACHUSETTS. And the 1st district includes the Berkshires, I guess the ‘Bama redneck area is now extending to the mountains.

This is likely being repeated all over the country. Plouffe is trying to spin but once people believe they can win they work harder. Once people are convinced they can make a difference it gets them off their rears and into the fight.

Plouffe is trying to reset what a “win” is just as the media and democrats. He is instead creating a self fulfilling prophecy it’s isn’t just money candidates need but willing workers. This speech is going to provide workers for republican candidates all over.

Remember congressional democrats, you did this to yourself.

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David Plouffe author of The Audacity to Win when asked about the economic state under the Obama administration on Meet the Press today.

If you want to know why democrats are in the state they are in this election this is why.