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But although I agree the political aspects of Patterson’s decision are apparent he is quite correct. Financially it is much better for the county to wait on this special election.

The biggest fights of the year are actually done. There is no question that Patterson wanted to get votes in favor of Obamacare to congress in his scheduling special elections. With the current majorities the only effect that extra republican vote will have is to perhaps remove one dem from the Fishbait column if a tough vote comes up.

The tens of thousands of dollars saved on such an election might not seem like much, but it might mean be one or two less layoffs or a city or town, or maybe the difference between streetlights being on or off.

Do I think he is playing politics? Sure but it doesn’t make it any less an acceptable decision.

…stalling on Ny-29:

I guess Governor David Paterson, the one who wasn’t elected and isn’t running again, has decided the people of New York’s 29th Congressional District don’t deserve representation in Congress. When the creepy Eric Massa (Demented) resigned, he left an open seat. Paterson refuses to set a date for a special election.

I would feel good about this if I were you. It was stuff like this that made Scott Brown possible.

I suggest that if the democrats had not tried to game the Senate Election in Massachusetts. If Kennedy was simply replaced in Nov at the time of the regular election Brown might not have one and he was the domino that made everything else fall.