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Spent most of the day helping my sister and her husband with their taxes. Speaking of her husband if you haven’t already ordered his book The Army Insider. You ought to. A man who gave so many years to his country’s military should be able to support himself better than he is now plus with all the time I spent helping on the taxes it would be nice to have more royalties to show.

My Amazon review of the book is here.

Update: It has come to my attention that some readers have inferred from my posting that Dave can’t support himself without more help from book sales.  If I left that conclusion I apologize.  Dave has a regular job and does ok.  I just think a fellow who has done so much for his country deserves better.

Home town story

Posted: October 16, 2009 by datechguy in personal
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Fremont Nebraska notices a former resident’s book:

It began with a couple of stories.

Former Fremonter Dave Carden wrote accounts of his wartime experiences for an online social/working group called Blueshirt Nation.

Readers asked for more.

Eventually, that led to a new book called, “The Army Insider: Up Close and Personal,” published in August. Now, area residents who like military history, stories about small-town life or autobiographies can read those in Carden’s book, found online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble and about 5,000 search engines

The book is available here. My review is here.

As promised here is the end of the Martha Raye story from Retired Sgt. Major David C. Carden’s book The Army Insider:

Here I was, a country boy from Nebraska playing poker with a movie star. Golly! The game was five card stud. One hole card and four up. Best hand wins. Hole cards were dealt around the table and one card up. My hole card was an Ace. Maggie had a deuce showing. Bets all around. Next card paired my top card and Maggie’s duce. More bets, some people folded. Third card up I had an Ace and Maggie had a face card. This round of betting just left her and me. The last card up didn’t do either of us any good. The last of the $200 went into the pot and I was calculating my winnings. Aces over had her two pair beat. I gingerly turned over my Ace and she said, “Nice hand young Sergeant, but not good enough.” as she turned over her third deuce. That’s how I met Martha Ray.

From what I understand his luck at poker never got better, but it was a different story for his sons. One of the funniest things I ever saw in a poker game were his two oldest sons over my house at a couples poker night with their wives. You never saw two people play such cuthroat poker in your lives. You couldn’t make a bet without them raising each other through the roof and even worse they always managed to get the cards. ALWAYS.

The funniest poker story ever? I’ll save that for next Sunday.

I generally don’t do rule 5 entries but I’m going to make an exception here for a purely Sicilian reason, family interest.

Martha Raye pinup

This is Martha Raye from the 40’s. You likely remember her from of all things polident commercials but to the soldiers she entertained in war zones she was a lady.

So Why am I bringing this up. Well in the book I’ve already plugged and urged you to buy. The Army Insider by retired 30 year Sgt Major David C. Carden who served from Vietnam to the First Iraq war and beyond both in combat and undercover has a Martha Raye story on page 55 which I will partially repeat here:

I was a 19 year old kid in December 1966 when I first met Martha Ray(e). She came to my Special Forces camp at Kontum, Viet Nam as part of a USO tour. It was just her and her entourage. Martha Ray(e) was a movie star and a Lieutenant Colonel in the Army Nurse Corps. This trip was a little entertaining an performing her Military duty. She was good people

It was early evening and I had just returned to camp after being out for about 10 days. We had a small one-room shack that served as a club and I headed over to get a Coke. I was unshaven, dirty and probably smelled a little ripe. Maggie was siting in the corner of the room at the poker take and a group of guys was standing around watching the game. I walked over and some of my friend were playing and there was an open seat. She looked at me and said, “Have a seat young Sergeant.” I told her I didn’t have any money with me and a voice behind me said, “Here kid”. Sergeant Major Johnson the Camp Sergeant Major handed me $200 in MPC’s So I sat down…

the army insider

I’ll tell the end of the story next Sunday, but if you can’t wait the self published book is available at Amazon and is a great way to say thanks to a man (part of my family by marriage) who gave thirty years to serving his country while enjoying a bunch of great yarns.

Update: Welcome Rule 5 readers. The promised end of the story is here.