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Stacy notes the results of a conference call between liberal bloggers and David Axelrod, apparently it didn’t go all that well.

The call seemed to perfectly capture the tense dynamic that exists between the White House and the online and organized left: Though White House advisers in the past have dumped on the left, anonymously and even on the record, Axelrod repeatedly pleaded with the bloggers on the call for help in pumping up the flagging enthusiasm of rank and file Dems.

Mind you this is a liberal blogger who has the ear of the architect of the Obama campaign. I’m with Left Coast Rebel, being constantly shocked and honored when I get the attention and respect I do from candidates and people with authority in government. The woman in question has the ear of David Axelrod and thinks she thinks she’s treated like Dangerfield?

Stacy decides to provide an education starting thusly:

The conservative blogosphere staged an uprising when the GOP establishment tried to shove Charlie Crist down our throats, fought tooth and nail to defeat a sitting Republican senator in Alaska, and recently dumped the ”safe” Mike Castle in favor of Christine the Teenage Witch. We’re rather lose an election than to get screwed over by people who don’t respect us.

Our liberal moonbat counterparts dismiss us as dangerous extremist wingnuts, but we actually expect the politicians we support to pursue our wingnut extremist agenda — whatever that agenda may actually be, because at this point, all we care about is electing people who will vote “no” to Obama’s agenda.

Ms. Madrek took exception to Stacy’s post and his looks. All I know is there never seems to be a shortage of women of spectacular mind and appearance who wish to take a picture with Stacy. (I’ll have to loan her one of my fedoras). As for her anger Stacy comments again:

You’ve got nothing to complain about, ma’am. You are the author of your own disgrace, having devoted years to the advancement of false ideas and false leaders. Rather than blaming the people who have deceived you, or blaming yourself for believing their lies, instead you continue to blame the same old bogeymen: Republicans, Christians, “Corporate America,” capitalism, patriarchy, etc.

So as Glen Reynolds said:

JON STEWART ON OBAMA: “I thought he’d do a better job.” You did, huh? Based on what, his extensive experience? Rube.

Don’t feel bad Ms. Suzie look at the bright side, there are absolutely millions of Americans who feel just as used as you by this administration, at least you get to tell them this directly.

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Update: Pundette on the dazzling speedo

Byron York reports:

This morning on MSNBC, presidential adviser David Axelrod was at pains to explain how his boss could possibly deserve this prize. “I think it’s an affirmation by the Nobel committee that the things he’s been working on and talking about around the world are important for humanity.”

Incredibly, “just words” appear to have been good enough to win the Nobel Peace Prize.