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Then don’t forget to get yourself a copy of Dan Collins book Was it something I said?

Don’t forget he was at the Brown Party too and did yeoman service.

College professors on our side of the aisle are rare enough, when they turn up we need to support them.

Plus he wore a Fedora, what more needs to be said?

Q: What were the first words out of my wife mouth this morning to my son when she saw Dan Collins (who she has never met or heard of) sleeping on the recliner when she came downstairs this morning?

I was dead asleep upstairs and Stacy on the couch, she and I thought I would be crashing in Boston and was at work when Dan arrived and left.

I hope to have Dan (now on his way home) over again. I hope you checked out his coverage last night as he gave much more color of the place itself than I did.

Oh and buy his book!

Update: Fisherville Mike links (thanks) but doesn’t know the end of the story. When my wife got home she mentioned that Dan had his feet on the chair in front of the computer so she couldn’t get online either.

I will have several post of round up on things over the next few days but I have to take Stacy to Boston for a 6 a.m. train so I have one more short sleep night left.

Update: Fishersville Mike has a better title for this post.

…with a groggy Dan Collins and an even more groggy Stacy McCain.

Stacy sleeps with the TV on so I put MSNBC on the tube and almost declined to go to be as I watched the re-run with such a sense of guilty pleasure that I might need confession to handle it.

The fact that I managed not to fall asleep at the wheel is a matter of some surprise to me. The most glorious part was I was able to actually sleep till 9 a.m.

I’m sure my wife was shocked to see an extra person crashed in the den so it will be an interesting time when she gets home tonight.

Meanwhile I’ve got to take care of my guests, so I’ll get some blogging done in a little bit.

…with Dan Collins by my side and press credentials on our fedoras. Stacy is currently being interviews Breitbart TV streaming here.

The mood in the press room seems quiet I don’t think the enormity of what is going to happen has hit yet. I almost wish I was at the Coakley place since the reactions there are not only going to be priceless but the news in terms of what and how the democrats react will really determine if this resounds in Massachusetts the way it will all over the country.