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Ok guys now remember this. With Oprah, and Arianna and comedy central all paying for people to go, if they DONT outdraw Beck then they damn well better be embarrassed.

…No not that one. This one. (Embed doesn’t work):

Lets quote the huff po from that post while it’s still up:

He also spoke with Liz Shaw, a conservative Christian community organizer who says the mockery of her profession at the Republican National Convention led her to organize for Barack Obama. But Matthew Vadum of the Capital Research Center reminds viewers that community organizing of any kind is a gateway-job into crack dealing. Watch:

Yeah you dumb guys at Capital Research Center. Don’t you know the difference between Crack dealing and underage prostitution, tax evasion and illegal alien smuggling?

And remember TPM Cafe. Bertha Lewis wasn’t just Acorn’s Bertha Lewis she was

our very own Bertha Lewis

I wonder if she’ll give John Oliver a new interview?

…then I’ve lost the liberal college kids.

When you have a video on the Daily Show that complements Fox News AND Michelle Malkin vs the regular media then you know you have troubles.

Hey MSM when John Stewart isn’t going to go along you’d better start worrying.

Update: Glenn Reynolds: “You know the story’s got legs now.”

Update 2: Hotair:

Kudos to Jon Stewart, who doesn’t sugar-coat the embarrassment at all — to the apparent delight of his audience, who get kudos of their own.

Gateway pundit

If O’Keefe and Giles would have gone to CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, NY Times, etc. with this story they would not have been given the same polite customer service that the ACORN staff gave them.

Lets see if the media has the balls to call John Stewart a Racist.