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Blogchild of mine the Carmelite has gotten a piece published at the Worcester Telegram & Gazette on the subject of Women priests in the Catholic Church:

As I said, in order to confect the Eucharist, the priest must be validly ordained — not “done in secret” by bishops who “secretly support their cause.” All sacraments are gifts of God to the Church and therefore cannot be performed in secret. The great exception to this is in areas where there is grave danger of persecution of the Church in some countries.

Thus, the ordination of women as priests is indeed a grave matter against the sacrament of ordination and the other sacraments as well because priests administer all. God becomes incarnate in today’s world through two means: the birth of a new child (see Genesis 1:26) and through the Holy Eucharist.

You should of course read the whole thing, and as she is looking for sponsorship for her trip to the canonization of Br. Andre Bessette, feel free to give her a hand.

Welcome to The Carmelite

Posted: May 3, 2010 by datechguy in catholic, personal
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A friend of mine has just become my latest blogchild. She is a former SEPD teacher locally and blogs under the name The Carmelite.

As indicated by the name she will be writing on the Catholic Church and it’s teaching etc. She has taught courses on the Church at local parishes and at local community colleges and has been a guest speaker locally on Catholic Faith and doctrine.

You can find her first post on the search for God here. Stop by and say hello.

Q: How do we know DaScienceGuy really is into science?

Take a look at the money quote from this post about traveling

I have one word. VIDEO CONFERENCING! Has to be cheaper than this……But I guess there is something to being in the same room as some folks for a meeting.

By an odd coincidence in a later post he has this to say about former Vice President Al Gore:

Ok now to my main point of this rant. I heard on the news that Al Gore is getting an honorary degree from University of Tennessee…

Normally who cares, he is an alumni, a famous one and if it makes them feel better have fun with it.

I think the timing is interesting. Its in some kind of climate science (I don’t remember how they are phrasing it but you get the point). Given the current debate not only on the news but what I am sure is about to be in the open scientific literature given the news is this a good thing?

The posts seem unrelated but I think not.

One of the things that really get me about the Global Warming debate and the people that beat their breasts about it is how they manage to schedule conferences at the best hotels in the finest locations with the largest entourages with the best food and wines available all at public expense.

If these people actually believed that Global warming was an issue they could video conference for a fraction of the price, in fact the equipment once purchased would be permanently available (minus the cost of maintenance) for a double economy.

Why don’t you see this? As I’ve said before because it is a gravy train for NGO’s civil servants and the people who are buying into this nonsense. It’s all about the party and the dollars, it has nothing to do with the planet.

You want to give an honorary degree to someone, I nominate DaScienceGuy!

…first there was DaScienceGuy, and now there is DaHospitalityGuy.

Is there any limit to this meme, and more importantly can I make a buck off of this somehow?

Welcome to the land of the blogging DaHospitalityGuy. (Partial disclosure, I do know him personally).