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…Anne Applebaum’s just seems to be odder than others.

As one commenter on the site noted, if Applebaum finds the description of rape and sodomy “salacious”, she needs help.

Her statement is here one quote:

Of course, there were some very legitimate disagreements, including two excellent ones from my colleagues Gene Robinson and Richard Cohen, and I take some of their points. But to them, and to all who imagine that the original incident at the heart of this story was a straightforward and simple criminal case, I recommend reading the transcript of the victim’s testimony (here in two parts) — including her descriptions of the telephone conversation she had with her mother from Polanski’s house, asking permission to be photographed in Jack Nicholson’s jacuzzi — and not just the salacious bits.

Patterico has this to say:

There is nothing in there about asking the victim’s mom for permission to have pictures taken in the jacuzzi. Applebaum made that part up. [UPDATE: Not that it matters. The suggestion that the mother’s consent to jacuzzi photographs would amount to consent to her daughter’s anal rape is perhaps Applebaum’s most amazing and offensive contention yet.]

It is amusing to read her commenters. They are having none of it.

You know I think I should revise my crazy uncle theory. After the past month maybe everyone is a crazy uncle, just about different things.

Update: Hey it’s not like it was Mark Foley or Elia Kazan. It is eye opening.

Glenn asks the $64,000 question…

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…concerning the MSN case:

What other major stories are they missing — or sitting on?

Answer: What ever they damn well can get away with! And by the tone of his post Dan Riehl would agree.

I think the MSM needs a Lombardi to coach them and insist on excellence. I can imagine their Max McGee moment:

Lombardi once opened pre-season camp by holding up a ball and saying, “Gentleman, this is a football.” To which team cut up Max McGee replied, “Can you slow down coach. You are going a little fast.”

Jake Tapper can be Lombardi, he actually does the work, I think Barnicle can play be McGee.

Update: RS McCain demonstrates the crazy uncles are driving the coverage on the left.

Jane Hamsher, Alan Colmes, and Keith Olbermann apparently live inside an echo chamber where a man who was a leader of a Marxist outfit like STORM, and who subsequently signed a 9/11 Truther petition, is not legitimately controversial. (The next time Colmes goes on Fox, somebody needs to ask him, “Hey, Alan, do you think Marxism is a bad thing?”)

That someone like Jones could be appointed as a White House policy “czar,” and that Olbermann can’t see where some people might have a problem with that, tends to disprove the worry-wart concerns of certain centrist Republicans that the GOP is the more “extreme” of the two major parties. Does anyone seriously expect an avowed “Birther” to get a White House job in the next Republican administration?

We need to remember that phrase when power comes our way and our own crazy uncles try to rise.

Update: VDH expands on the left’s indifference to this stuff:

What is strange about all this chic-radicalism is how would-be revolutionaries that wish to dismantle America as we know it and/or emulate failed systems abroad, always do so from comfort, security, affluence, and freedom of choice unique to America and Europe, suggesting that radical politics and those who agitate for them are sort of a fashion statement, aimed to resonate among particular elite leftist audiences and to bring dividends from them, but not to be taken too seriously as guides in their own lives.

Not so strange it’s the gravy train.