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The plan was to get downstairs first and cook her favorite Pancakes and Kielbasa (from Romano’s natch) so they would be ready when she came down at 7:30 or so.

First Danny overslept and missed his bus, no problem I mixed the batter and got everything heated so when I got back I could quickly cook the stuff.

Then the wife comes down early while I’m in the bathroom and informs me she is getting blood work this morning…has to fast. She never told me.

So unless anyone out there wants pancakes and Kielbasa for breakfast my cunning plan is shot, soooo since the wife never reads my blog we will go to plan B.

I can cook the stuff around 10:45-11, drop it off at her work for 11:20 or so and from there head for the lunch meeting with Chris. That will give me a chance to pick up the trinket I picked out while covering the Tea party stuff on main street.

It’s not a great plan B but it will have to do.

Sudden dinner for 7

Posted: March 15, 2010 by datechguy in hobbies, personal
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A heads up from my oldest turned a quiet dinner for 4 into dinner for 7 with very short notice.

Pan fried thin sliced New York sirloin, steamed broccoli , onions and peppers, baked potatoes, a tossed salad and an emergency NY Sirloin from the freezer oven baked and quick fried to accommodate the extra 3 teenagers that my oldest brought over.

Everyone seemed to like the meal. That’s the main thing.

Since I haven’t done a recipe for a bit I figured I’d do a quick film on last night’s dinner. Our menu is boneless pork chops from Romano’s Mkt. The video is a little shaky since I’m filming with one hand while I do everything else.

Initial mixing and coating:

Beef coated Pork in the oven

Add the Beef

Cook the Alfredo:

And everything is cooked!

Here is my wife’s completed plate, she had already raided the salad.