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I was born during the Administration of JFK and raised in a Very Catholic Democratic house. My Father was a WW 2 navy vet. We were democrats and that was it.

As I got older I was fascinated by the past and started collecting history books figuring the best way to understand the past is to hear what the people who actually lived there thought. I’d pick the brains of anyone older than me about how life actually was. By 23 I owned small Hobby shop and got a crash course in the realities of business.

By 1992 my business had failed and a presidential election was coming up. I found Paul Tsongas an honest fellow who was unwilling to pander and I found Bill Clinton someone fun, but considered him a BS artist. (It was not until I saw him speak in person this year that I saw just how convincing he can be when simply shoveling nonsense).

When the party went with Clinton I became “unenrolled” (we don’t have independents in Mass because there was an “independent” party). I voted for Bill Clinton in 1992 as I was very worried about Ross Perot.

By 1996 I had more than enough of Clinton and happily voted for Dole, but with the help once again of Ross Perot Clinton became the only president to win two elections without ever winning the majority of the popular vote. UPDATE: Actually Grover Cleveland and Woodrow Wilson also share this distinction, good catch in comments.

In 2000 I desperately wanted George W. Bush and thought the attempts by democrats to steal the election AND disenfranchise Military votes were horrifying. Combined with Democrats deciding that believing Catholics were sexist, bigots, homophobes for opposing abortion and Gay Marriage I had enough.

By 2002 I was a registered republican, when asked why I answered: “I decided it was time to join the side I’m on.”

Which brings me to Joe Scarborough.

Over the last two years we have seen him move farther and farther to the left, suggesting that conservatives give up the fight on social issues, advising us to change in order to win in New England and NY, attacking the war in Afghanistan, Sarah Palin and dismissing the tea party while boosting stuff like the Jon Stewart Rally.

Now this week it has been just every day “Why is Obama caving” “Tax Cuts for the rich” blah blah blah. Not a word about the fact the democrats have not fixed the Alternate Minimum tax that will hit Americans who make $60,000 a year in January (in fairness to Joe the only show that mentioned this subject that I’ve heard was mine).

Now he is writing for Politico. Last week it was hitting Palin, this week it was hitting Obama for keeping the tax rates.

After all, the White House is convinced that the toxic combination of the Republican landslide and another grim jobs report has left Obama in an impossible position to negotiate. emphasis mine

Yup there is nothing more toxic than a republican landslide (oddly on the show it was all about republican failure) and yet four paragraphs later:

Americans don’t favor the Republican position on tax cuts.

Yup who needs an election to judge what people think when we have a CBS poll to tell us people don’t support republicans.

So we have Republican Joe Scarborough in two columns attacking Sarah Palin for fighting the democratic agenda and attacking Obama for not fighting republicans.

Bill Bennett today on Morning Joe mentioned how liberal he has gotten, on twitter on wag quipped:

It’s like working in a bakery, ya come home smelling of donuts even if ya didn’t eat any.

Bottom line is the Tea Party limited government wing of the party is taking over and Joe is apparently firmly in the Washington Beltway get along go along wing.

My advice: Joe, take a step back and think about what you actually believe. Sooner or later you have to join the side you are on.

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Update: Boy Kcom had a point in comments. Re-read the post and made minor corrections, I need to read these aloud before I hit post otherwise I tend to see what I’m thinking other than what I’ve actually written.

The blog stop shouting has only 4 posts in it over the last 3 years, but this one should be repeated everywhere.

You MUST go to her site and read this but I’m going to grab just a few pieces to share its awesomeness:

I have been silent long enough. I have bent, I have yielded, I have endured slander, dishonesty, ad hominem attacks and actual physical threats.

Anger is a powerful motivator.

She talks of an encounter with Code Pink, first via reason and then via counter protest, it is a priceless story, she continues:

The Left likes to use what they believe to be witty signage (although I am not sure how BUSHCHIMPHITLER qualifies as “witty”), props and sheer numbers of die hard believers and rent-a-students to validate the “justness” of their cause-du-jour and to manufacture a sense of widespread support for their “issue”.

So we took your tools and began to employ them against you. And you don’t like it very much. Except we don’t have to pay anyone to come to our rallies, and that just infuriates you further.

The left absolutely positively refuses to believe that the Tea Party is grass roots because none of their operation is, instead you get stuff like this via Ann Althouse:

Bill Lueders’s Isthmus article is subtitled “The Triumph of Stupidity.” He asks UW-Madison political science professor Charles Franklin how people could vote the way they did, and when Franklin answers “They’re pretty damn stupid,” he says “Thank you, professor… That’s the answer I was looking for.

Althouse continues:

Welcome to my world: Dane County, Wisconsin, home of people who tell themselves they are the smart people and those who disagree with them must certainly be dumb. They don’t go through the exercise of putting themselves in the place of someone who thinks differently from the way they do. But how would it feel to be intelligent, informed, and well-meaning and to think what conservatives think? Isn’t that the right way for an intelligent, informed, and well-meaning person to understand other people? If you short circuit that process and go right to the assumption that people who don’t agree with you are stupid, how do you maintain the belief that you are, in fact, intelligent, informed, and well-meaning?

What is liberal about this attitude toward other people?

Pretty damning, I’m sure the public would resent it, if they ever knew it was said as Byron York explains:

But Franklin is the real star of the story. If you read his quotes in mainstream publications, you’ll find a series of measured statements on political trends. Democrats appealing to the youth vote in the run-up to the midterms are “betting long odds, given the very long history of low turnout in midterms among young voters,” Franklin told the Washington Post recently. Final pre-election polls suggested “a Republican wave of genuinely historical proportions,” he told USA Today. Feingold’s problems had “more to do with the mood of the country than with Feingold himself,” he told the Boston Globe.

It’s all pretty unremarkable stuff. And readers would have no idea what Franklin really thinks about the voters whose opinions he’s measuring and commenting on. But now they do.

Well the Military Mom of 4 at stop shouting knows what they think and has this message to Franklin and the rest of the left in denial:

Either way, I am confident you can deduce the “tone”of my rebuttal.

Realizing that you are losing your grip on the public schools, that the youth that propelled the boy-king to victory have abandoned you, that the bitter, blue collar white workers are now Tea Party grandmas and grandpas, that you have lost control of the federal checkbook and the legislative calendar,

now you want to petition for peace?

now you cry out for civility and consensus?

I have a message for you:

Go. To. Hell.

Go read the whole thing, it will make your day!

Update: Key update from Althouse, all via Glenn

When I see this I just laugh:

The Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) is staying silent about a Tea Party Republican’s bid to join the group.

Rep.-elect Allen West (R-Fla.) indicated last week he intends to join the CBC to challenge the group’s “monolithic voice.”

Staying silent. Say WHAT? It is the Congressional Black Congress, not the Congressional Black Democratic Caucus or the Congressional Black Liberal Caucus. This should be a no brainer shouldn’t it?

A CBC spokesperson on Monday declined to comment on West’s bid.

Bid? BID! What it this an eBay auction?

This would be gift #4 for republicans of the month. I can’t imagine the caucus would be this foolish. Can you imagine what must go on in those meetings that is so embarrassing that they don’t dare let a republican hear it?

Update: I guess they figured it out. DaTechGuy get results!

The Congressional Black Caucus says it will allow two recently elected black Republicans to join the group if they ask.

The all-Democratic caucus had wavered over the issue since Tim Scott of South Carolina and Allen West of Florida were elected last week. Chairwoman Barbara Lee had pointed to the group’s liberal mission statement as a potential point of conflict.

But in a statement Tuesday, the group said the two would be welcomed if they request membership.

Another barrier falls, Huzzah!

…and their advice is compromise, compromise, compromise…for the GOP.

The exact opposite of Rush Limbaugh. Sarah Palin and the people who got them elected.

Considering their predictions on the death of conservatism it is almost comical to hear them, and this is the most conservative show on msnbc.

UPDATE: OMG a twofer, not only does Lawrence O’Donnell take down Glenn Greenwald, but he comes out and admits he is a hard core socialist and that he needs conservative democrats to get hard core socialists like Barney Frank as chairmen of house committees.

Update 2: Here is the video:

Breitbart also ran with it.

He is exactly right, and he makes the best case for electing republicans that will ever be made.

If this is not taped and played in every election for the rest of our lives then the entire RNC, NRCC, SRCC should be taken out and shot.