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…for a couple of reasons.

1. I personally think the rules as written are a bit weird, If I make a call from this room but not that room it is legal or illegal. I understand the principle but I think it’s a question of having a lawyer smart enough to define the hoops. It’s not the location but the selling of favors that matter.

2. The idea of a congressman hitting up lobbyists for money is about as shocking as the concept that John Kerry & John Edwards combined spend more on their hair a year then I do on clothes (including Fedoras).

3. I actually disagree with this statement at Big Government

The call could be examined to see if it breaks House ethics rules, and could not come at a worse time for Democrats trying to maintain their majority in the House and Senate in November midterm elections. Ethics violations by Republicans helped get Democrats elected in the last two election cycles when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to “drain the swamp.”

I actually think this is the absolute best time for the Democrats to let every crooked deal and unethical thing dump out. This election cycle is lost, and not just lost, SPECTACULARLY lost. The MSM is pinning their Nov 2nd storyline on hopes of Senate victories in Delaware and Alaska two states who’s combined have the same amount of seats in the house as Rhode Island. and have less combined representation in congress that Connecticut.

If you are going to lose anyway make it big, that way any pickup in 2012 can be spun as a “return to moderation”.

But I guess if it’s your seat in danger it’s hard to see the big picture.

I personally think a less restrictive but more open set of rules would be best. As long as the people who vote you in know what you are doing and who you are getting the dough from I don’t have an issue.

That apparently is the motto of Torrance Daily Breeze which Stacy McCain reports had this to say about the Republican Candidate in California 36th Mattie Fein

Sent: Aug 11, 2010 12:58 PM
Don’t call or e-mail us – we’ll call you if we’re interested. And if you haven’t got it yet, we’re not interested. And stop sending the same messages to my co-worker Art as well
Thank you.

Considering the way they have handled the sparse coverage they have given her it might be a plus for example:

From July 13th: Fein criticizes Harman over husband’s rumored purchase of Newsweek

Republican congressional candidate Mattie Fein has jumped on a rumor that the spouse of her Democratic rival, South Bay Rep. Jane Harman, is considering whether to purchase Newsweek magazine.

You don’t want to hear about that Mattie Fein: She jumps on rumors.! The fact that Sidney Harman actually did buy Newsweek is totally besides the point, she is a RUMOR MONGER!

Fein claims the Harmans would try to kill stories that were unflattering to the congresswoman or the Democratic Party. She cited a similar instance in 2004, when Jane Harman urged the New York Times not to publish a story about the National Security Agency’s domestic eavesdropping program.

See that Claims, she’s making claims just because that conservative organ the New York Times reported that conservative Newsmax was out of the bidding due to ideology doesn’t mean the husband of a democratic congresswoman would be partisian. Saying that would be like claiming we aren’t interested in what that rumor jumping claimant Mattie Fein has to say.

And people wonder why the newspaper industry is having trouble staying afloat?