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Carlos’ blog is the Catechist Corner. One guess what it is about

I’m actually surprised how many young people search for this stuff online, it gives me hope for the future

Dan tells us a little about his blog Catholic Spiritual Direction

You may note that the length of the videos vary widely. As a rule I come up with my questions totally on the fly and on occasion it just doesn’t come.

The on the fly method prevents one from trying to “drive” an interview to get a desired answer or result the “ambush”. This way things can go where the answers can lead you with the disadvantage listed above. btw is the address but not the name of the blog.

Christopher Castagnoli talks about Our Catholic and the CNMC

Chris reminds us that an important part of this conference is expanding our own ability to use new media as Catholics.

He is quoted today in the current issue of The Pilot on the CNMC (hat tip Barb in Nebraska on twitter)

You may not have heard of Bridget but you ought to:

her latest post is something I really empathize with.