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….has it’s uses.

Does the left actually understand how they look when they decide the Delaware election should turn on WitchCraft and masturbation as opposed to say….jobs and the economy?

The fact is the left would likely actually approve of the witchcraft business, the idea is to convince people who might vote for O’Donnell on the right that she is unsuitable for support, electoral or financial.

The problem here is that their vision of the right and the tea party is a parody of what they think the right is.

As long as that parody is their vision they will continue to fail, so more python moments please.

Oh and Mr. Soros, whatever you’re paying your guys, it’s much too much.

Update: It’s Michelle for the defense

Update 2: Instalanche thanks Glenn (love the Taft line). Hi people, nice to have you around. Got a lot of new entries (including gateway pundit) in DaTechGuy’s field guide to Bloggers, livebloged from WCRN this weekend (might be able to get a show of my own if I can get sponsors hint hint), I covered the 9/12 rallies extensively (the most important interview is here) Check out my interview with Jim McKenna whose successful sticker campaign has set him up to beat Martha Coakley and Bill Gunn who will send John Olver home in MA-1. Learn why Christine O’Donnell is a leader and I invite you to join me in defying murderous barbarians.