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Cannoli, business card and a book in happier times in Boston before takeoff

Landed in Washington tonight without incident but as I met my friend at the metro to head off for my first overnight in Burke to my horror I found that the Box of Cannoli that came with me all the way from Boston was missing!

I scanned the area, no luck, I checked at the police stop, no luck, I checked with TSA since it was an unmarked box nothing, although one TSA agent’s eyes lit up when I said the missing box contained fresh Cannoli (that’s what you would call a bad sign).

I had asked some baggage handlers if they wished to be interviewed, they declined, but they remembered me and said I had the box when I left their area. It’s possible that I put it down when I was giving a gentleman change for a two and someone grabbed it thinking it was some kind of valuable gift.

In the end it is a straight loss for me and my own fault. There is an outside chance that either Delta or the Police will give me an holler but I’m assuming that some officer, some thief or some average person is now enjoying a box full of the best cannoli that Dutch Kitchen can provide.

Yet I have no business complaining, on the way to the house we gassed up and at the station two police cars had pulled aside a young man and two of his friends. He had been stopped for a taillight but was driving with a suspended license so he had to wait while the police arranged to tow the vehicle. Compared to him I”m doing much better.

If losing that box of cannoli is the worst thing that happens to me in Washington then I’m doing fine, but I do apologize to my blogger buddies that I am not able to provided the cannolli. I feel guilty particularly since I’m sipping 18 year old Chivas Regal with a good friend as I type. I’ll wager the person who is eating that cannoli tonight might be jealous, at least a little bit.

My flight is going to be Wednesday afternoon…

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…and I’ve packed 3 fedoras in a hatbox along with the one I’ll be wearing. My only problem is going to be carry on cannoli. Can I carry on Cannoli? what are the restrictions upon same? Will I be able to find the promised Cannoli in Washington if I don’t take it with me? I’ve spotted Vaccaro’s Italian Bakery online right near Reagan airport but they are getting $53 bucks for 6 Cannoli. That will be the day when I pay $9 for a Cannoli.

I certainly can’t carry Veal, (although maybe some sausage from Romano’s) I’m going to have to think about this.

Anyway the mailing list is pretty long for CPAC, this is going to be very interesting.