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As “Global Warming”/”Climate Change” crowd decides to go the full acorn and play naming games:

An administration that goes out of its way to make terrorism sound less dangerous than it really is (i.e. “man-caused disaster”) makes the push to sell “global warming” as more dangerous than it really is. Sounds like somebody’s starting to feel uncomfortable because the icecaps and Greenland ice sheets aren’t melting fast enough. Switching “warming” to “disruption” is like Chicken Little — finally realizing that everybody’s catching on — switching to crying “the ground is rising!”

Re-branding shams is standard operating procedure for this bunch. The first thing that’s usually done with a scheme that has been exposed is to fall back, re-name it, and present the same thing all over again under a different label. An example of that is ACORN switching its name to “Communities for Change” or any other number of things that didn’t sound like “ACORN.”

Unfortunately for the administration you have an electorate that is paying attention and informed these days and just aren’t going to fall for it. No wonder you have the Net Neutrality debate.

Update: Nice Deb sums it up in one sentence:

Libs wake up every morning and ask themselves, “How can we fool them, today?”

That’s about it.