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…And welcome to round 2. Johnson comes out for Round 2 swinging, McCain counterpunches we have some strong action in round one as Johnson ladned a flurry of blows, McCain blocks and counters.

To this point Johnson has been on the offense. We know Johnson has a strong methotical and unrelenting attacks from his victories in the Rather and Mapes fights.

McCain has been countering and putting up a good defense here in Round 2, but has yet to shift to offense, as we’ve seen in the Griffin and Audrey fights. McCain tends to mount his offense in mid to late rounds but they simply overpower their opponents.

We will keep you informed of the fights’ progress throughout the day as time permits.

I suspect this will be as epic and violent a contest as the Marciano Vingo fight from December of 1949.

One oddity of this fight will be that McCain lives on the east coast and Johnson on the west so McCains blows and counters will generally be morning blows while Johnson will strike in the evening.