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My latest for Anger and Loathing in Boston reports on the dueling Union/Tea Party rallies in Boston: a peek:

As the day progressed the Union forces got more and more agitated particularly when Radio Host Graham handed out fake “doctor of love” notes parodying the events of Wisconsin. His presence seemed to drive the union people wild, even stranger was the reaction to State Rep Rich Bastien (R Gardner) who mingled with the crowd to try to hear them out but was greeted by Nazi salutes by a self-proclaimed Jewish woman in between vulgar epithets.

The final irony of the protest is on display here:

I’ll have a post with all my videos from the rallies up before I leave the house today.

Had a rather hot exchange with my Arch enemy friend Chris back at my post, he got there earlier than me and had a different perspective, check out his comments and the updates.

It’s a good lesson on not judging. I figured he was calling me a liar and he thought I was lowballing numbers. He didn’t know I was counting only crowd members allowed in the main room (6600) and I didn’t know his perspective was ALL the guys in the room including security, the people on stage, the people working the event etc. (a lot more)

See how misunderstandings on motives can come simply from a different perspective? That’s why comments and talking are so important, if he hadn’t questioned me on the blog I wouldn’t have answered and we would have both thought each other couldn’t be trusted.

There is an important lesson there about people with different political perspectives there and getting along. One should always try to assume good faith because apparently both of us saw what we saw at slightly different times.

Update: Chris tell us in comments that he was one of 3000 fans bussed in from all over the state. Well I’m sure that news reinforces the idea that Democrats can generate a crowd for the president in Boston on a Saturday without a problem.