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My latest article for the Examiner A Tale of Two Groups is now online. It is a comparison of two different Boston protests a peek:

One group saluted troops, bringing a Gold Star Mother on stage.

The other wrapped people in trash bags representing body bags and protested in front of a military recruitment center.

Read the whole thing and if you’ve missed any of my previous Examiner articles you can find them here. Remember every click on these articles has the effect of a few cents to DaTipJar, so share them with your friends, in fact share them with your enemies maybe they’ll become friends.

I actually talked to David at the Protest in front of John Olver’s office weeks ago. He was the fellow who disagreed with the Healthcare bill from the left who talked to me while observing the protest.

After the camera was off I met his wife and kids. Very nice people. Also they know my mother and had wonderful things to say about her. Of the people there he had the most moderate views and in conversation he and his wife make some important points. I’ll likely be talking more about David and his family in my next Examiner column so I’ll save my stuff for that.

The one thing I really would like to see is him to attend a tea party and actually talk to the people there. Maybe the next Twin City Tea Party. I think he would be surprised at how he would be received and the views of the people there.

I talked to the three filmmakers at PennyWisdom. They covered the march/protest too and I grabbed their take:

They also interviewed me but I can’t find their stuff online might not be up yet. I wish them the best of luck.

Robert is exactly the type of person these marchers are targeting:

He is down for the day, not up on the issues and not being familiar with either socialism or the actual law in question thus finds an interest in what is said.

If the image of Che didn’t clue him in nothing will. In my opinion anyone who wears an image of Che has no business talking about rights and justice.