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In between selling ads today I’m having a small lunch with some bloggers here at the Border Grille and Bar today from 12-1 or so.

If you are not familiar with their lunch buffet here is a peek from last month

There was a reason why Stacy McCain held court here last January, and food like this is why.

Ironically this fits in perfect with Michael Graham’s lead story today:

And so Kessler and other big-government advocates featured in the NYTimes are demanding government regulation on foods that taste “too good,” and on ads that sell them “too well.” Who will make these arbitrary decisions? Why the same brilliant government employees who figured out that the pond in your back yard is a wetland and who are sending notes home with your kids telling you they’re fat.

This is a SNL skit just waiting to be written, Kessler’s Kitchen Nightmares where Kessler goes to restaurants that have too many people enjoying their food and teaches them how to make it taste worse!

DaTechGuy shows you what $8.99 will get you for lunch at the Border Grille and Bar, Mill St. Leominster

The question isn’t why I’m eating at the Border Grille and Bar on Mill Street near the Whitney Field Mall for lunch, the question is why aren’t you?

It will be very interesting to see the topics with the election now over.

I will of course be live blogging.

Hope to see you there, it is Taco Tuesday with all you can eat Tacos for one low price! Plus Malik the Magician for the kiddies!

P.S (my net is back up modem was dead but busy selling ads today will be posting more later tonight)

Want to remind everyone that at 9 p.m. tonight DaTechGuy on DaRadio will be on DaAir.

This weeks guests are The Lonely Conservative who will be on the phone from NY

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