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Bob Novak’s final column

Posted: August 18, 2009 by datechguy in opinion/news
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Bob Novak died today. Commentary from all over shows that he was respected as a reporter (except by the daily show) and Eleanor Clift’s tribute demonstrates that friendship and respect are not exclusive to your political allies. And this quote:

“Always love your country — but never trust your government!

should be included in every civics class taught nationwide.

I have a habit of looking at the last column of a person when he dies. Using the drudge link to Novak it took me to this page at human events dated Feb 4 of this year. What he wrote shows that he knew what he was talking about:

We are in fact, entering a new era of American politics. But then again, we frequently enter new eras of American politics. Barack Obama has immense political capital and popularity. Democrats are gaining politically in every corner of the map, and at every level of government. Obama’s popularity and political skill contribute to this rising Democratic tide.

But ENPR has seen this before, in 1974, 1980, 1994, and 2006. “Paradigm Shifts” are a fact of political life, and only those with short memories believe that the resulting political alignment from these shifts is permanent.

Nobody except for maybe Rush was talking like this in February. He continued:

Obama may enjoy a longer honeymoon than most Presidents, but it already seems to be coming to an end as various polls find a large portion of the public turning against the huge stimulus bill with its massive deficit spending. He will stumble. Republicans will build new political coalitions, and, even if they don’t get back a majority of either chamber in the near future, the pendulum will eventually swing back.

Politics has a tendency to cast down the mighty and lift up the lowly. Politics makes a fool of any commentator or participant who, explaining the significance of a recent political development, uses the words “never” or “from now on.”

Everything about politics–the heroes, the goats, the dynamics, the rules of thumb, the alliances, the enmities–comes and goes.

I’m bet if he had been healthy he would have covered Ken Gladney.

Update: Linked back by The Other McCain. I owe him a beer next time he is in central mass, or a shot of Chivas if he comes to the house.

You know I have Frum’s book The right man and liked it but I really think his is talking nonsense here. I must confess his opinion on Sarah Palin makes me less willing to give him the benefit of the doubt.