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If you are a blogger on the right (or a feminist on the left) you will NOT want to miss today’s DaTechGuy on DaRadio on WCRN AM 830 on the dial today at 10 a.m. EST.

Today Robert Stacy McCain of the American Spectator and The Other McCain and Little Miss Attila of the Right Network and Little Miss take their great feminism debate off of the blog pages and onto to 50,000 Watts of airwaves.

The question: “Should conservatives want to be called feminists or should that word be anathema to them?”

You’ve seen the posts, you’ve read the comments now listen in to the live debate (and call in if you wish)

Today 10 a.m. on WCRN, and if you aren’t in the range of our 50,000 Watts remember you can listen online here.

Update: Extra ‘be” pulled

It hit me looking at Stacy’s old rules for getting 1 million hits that his exchange manages to invoke all 5 rules.

Meanwhile Attila instructs James Wolcott on the subject rule 1.

It’s always interesting to watch this kind of exchange between two of my favorite people on the web.

This is a special FYI post

Posted: March 2, 2011 by datechguy in blogs, internet/free speech, oddities
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And the people it is for know who they are:

I made it a point to make a change in my About DaTechGuy and DaBlog section to add the following:

Remember this blog does not exist for people to act out personal feuds if you want to do that do it elsewhere.

Let me tell you why this is here. We bloggers who attended CPAC keep in touch to some degree and a while back one person mentioned a post that they considered important on a topic they care about. I saw the post and its on a topic I write about too so I liked it.

Very quickly a series of comments on that post came up a person (also a blogger) attacking said CPAC blogger, I found a bit obsessive it interesting but that’s ok, people go back and forth on subjects a lot. i answered the person for a while but it didn’t stop. I contacted the CPAC blogger and got some background on the situation. After a bit the CPAC blogger got into it and it went back and forth to the point were it became a distraction from me, particularly since I had moved way on. I declared the conversation over.

Earlier this week the actual subject of the post (who was not either blogger) posted on the post, I approved and answered and didn’t think anything of it. I’ve been busy with the show and my personal live and there have been a flood of comments because due to some very kind links by Glenn and others. In the flood of comments a few days ago my CPAC friend left one on that post. Without noticing I approved it as I had a ton of comments to go through at a stop between selling. Now the other person started again and I could see where this was going so I didn’t approve them.

That’s been followed by a series of comments on me not allowing those comments, this morning I awoke to another one, it is going in the Spam folder. So let me make it perfectly clear one more time:

That conversation is over, that post is two weeks old, this blog doesn’t exist for feuding people to hit each other, I have neither the time nor the inclination to referee such activity. If you want to rant about me, that’s fine its my blog, if you want to rant against a CPAC friend I’m not interested. Lucky for you it’s a big internet and you have many other platforms to feed your obsession including your own blog, but any further such stuff will go in the spam folder. If you want to argue let me refer you to an exchange from a certain TV show that I like to quote:

5th doctor: “That’s hardly an argument…”

Terileptil: “It’s not supposed to be an argument, it’s a statement“.

Build a readership and start a crusade and enjoy it, just don’t do it here.

Tom is yet another blogger with a nicer fedora than mine.

As always you can find the full field guide here.