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…and that’s ok. I think Hoffman’s concession is premature but that’s his decision to make not mine. There are times you are going to win and times you don’t and if this turns out to be a time we don’t then so be it.

As I’ve already said, it was MUCH more important to have this fight and prevent what would become the media’s “bi-partisan” vote for all that is Pelosi and Obama that to have the seat for the year. I would of course have preferred to have em both but when you’ve had almost the entire loaf, you can’t quibble over the last piece.

If the party had a normal primary Hoffman would have doubtless defeated Dede the (now less) angry and I suspect would have managed to pull out the win against Owens. In 2010 with a real primary in place and with one year of Owens voting with Obama this will be a much more likely outcome. Dede will celebrate the successful vendetta with our (newfound?) friends on the left and will likely see a reward both from the MSM and the administration. After all the Owens race is the one bright spot in a dismal day for democrats.

Part of being willing to fight is to risk the chance of defeat, when that comes you take it like a man, so congratulations democrats, you have one more house seat.

Now Govern! Do it wisely because if you don’t I suspect you won’t be winning it a 2nd time in 2010.

Thanks to Doug Hoffman for his efforts in sparing us an Obama Democrat, for that if nothing else the party owes him.

Update: Maybe it’s just me, but as someone who objected to the MSM stalling on calling states that were clearly for Bush in 2000 I didn’t like that Drudge didn’t bother keeping the NY-23 stats updated because Hoffman was behind. It’s no less weaselly when it’s done for our side.

Update 2: National Review agrees with me:

If Hoffman decides to run in 2010, he will probably be running against a Bill Owens whose party has forced him to take tough votes on monstrous health-care, energy and card-check bills. This is still a Republican district. Plus, Hoffman won’t have to worry about zombie Scozzafava taking 5 percent of the vote.

The president and Pelsoi will not make it easy for him, there will be one path for re-election for him and he has already articulated it and may have been the difference in the race.

…their attempt to focus the race now on local issues is wise and important and their last hope, Doug Hoffman is a good candidate and will likely serve Ny-23 well but the primary duty of an elected representative is to well represent the interests of his district.

I have no doubt that Doug will be able to do this effectively, his willingness to get involved in this race when it would have been just as easy to step aside suggests it ,but there is a lot of grunt work involved in being a good rep. His background suggests he will be more than capable of it but he has to be sure that it takes at least an equal place next to opposition to Pelosi and the president’s disastrous positions.

If you are thinking of getting involved in a local race or even a congressional race due to your opposition to Pelosi et/al be aware that no matter how much tweaking and teasing is done about their workload the needs of constituents, both great and small are a big part of the job. From the city needing help to the Business trying to keep jobs to the individual with a government issue all of these are the tasks of a congressman or congresswoman. Be sure you are ready willing and able to do these jobs because if you don’t then all the right positions on issues won’t save you, you will lose re-election and deserve to do so.

Vote Hoffman

…so of course he pooh poohs them on Morning Joe.

Hotair is Cautious too but cautiously optimistic:

And he adds a fourth caveat to PPP’s blowout forecast: If Scozzafava thought that her supporters would defect to Hoffman after she withdrew, she wouldn’t have withdrawn, would she? She’d have stuck around for two more days until the election to help out her pal the Democrat by keeping those votes from DH.

How weird is it getting? Dede the angry is supporting the democrat and her campaign manager is supporting Hoffman:

“Dede is entitled to her own opinion, as is everyone, but I obviously disagree with her decision,” Burns told us today, a day after leaving the campaign. “I am supporting Doug Hoffman, because denying Nancy Pelosi another foot soldier is vital to restoring fiscal responsibility and common sense in Washington.”

Burns, who was raised in the CD but is now based in MN, said he decided to join Scozzafava’s team in order to keep the Dem-trending seat in GOP hands. “In her heart of hearts, she’s a good person. She’s a capable legislator,” Burns said. “But I don’t think supporting a candidate who would back Nancy Pelosi is the best way to get our nation on the right track.”

How did this happen? Well Robert Stacy is all over this:

Scozzafava’s poll numbers had been collapsing for weeks. An Oct. 15 Siena College poll showed she had fallen behind Democrat Bill Owens, while insurgent Conservative Party candidate Doug Hoffman had picked up momentum. Her support melted down rapidly after an Oct. 19 incident when her husband, union organizer Ron McDougall, called police on Weekly Standard reporter John McCormack, who had tried to get her to answer questions about her position on tax increases and “card-check” legislation. Even before the confrontation with McCormack, however, Scozzafava’s candidacy failed to draw strong GOP backing in a district that regularly voted by 2-to-1 margins for Republican Rep. John McHugh, whose appointment as Army Secretary had created the vacancy to be filled by Tuesday’s special election.

Hoffman’s conservative campaign effectively doomed the Republican nominee by exposing her liberal voting record in the New York legislature. If Scozzafava was “unable to effectively address many of the charges that have been made about [her] record,” that was because the charges were true. After 11 years in Albany, during which she had risen to the rank of minority whip, Scozzafava had amassed a voting record more liberal than many of Democratic assembly members. That her policy stances put her at odds with most Republican voters in the largely rural 23rd District was a liability that seems to have been overlooked by the GOP insiders who picked her for the nomination. Once the Hoffman campaign began hammering Scozzafava for her assembly record and positions on national issues, the Conservative Party candidate quickly gained ground against both her and the Democrat, Owens.

This woman was the Republican MINORITY LEADER WHIP? No wonder the democrats have been handing us our hats in NY.

Vote Hoffman!

You owe us $900,000.

Signed Republican contributes.

Vote Hoffman!

P. S. Without a doubt defeating her as a republican is the single most important outcome of this race. Even if the election is lost on Tuesday we have won big but the party doesn’t get it.

Update: Eric Erickson is playing Red Queen and he has cause.

I had intended to start a daily reminder that Pete Sessions and Guy Harrison remain on the job and should be fired. They wasted $900,000.00 on a “Republican” who dropped out and endorsed the Democrat.

If Pete Sessions and Guy Harrison have such little respect for donor money in this race, how can we trust them in other races. After all, except for the Pauline Kaels of the Beltway GOP, it was abundantly obvious to everyone else that Dede Scozzafava was not a moderate, but a Democratic leftist.

Sadly, I don’t have the time. There are bigger fish to fry. I do think either or both Sessions and Harrison must be fired if they will not resign. Dignity and common decency demand it.

They seem to have none though and there are only so many fronts on which we can fight. So we will remember this, but we will choose to fight another day.

After all, we did win. But if I were a Republican Congressman, I’d be hacked off by the malpractice at the NRCC.