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…then the tea party movement can be proud that Bertha Lewis referred to the movement as a “bowel movement

…while proudly declaring herself a socialist. You can at least give her credit for the courage of her convictions, if not her good sense.

If you are a person who attended a tea party be proud. If the head of Acorn feels you are dangerous enough to insult in that way then you are effective and if the head of an organization as corrupt as Acorn hates you then you are on the side of angels.

Lets play a game, who wants to call their local congressman and get a comment on that statement by the head of Acorn? You can leave what they answer as a comment on the blog. Let’s see who has the courage of their convictions.

Update: No wonder Bertha has her dander up, As Michelle Malkin Tweets and Human Events reports they were cut from the government teet again today. How can a socialist survive without other people’s money? At least when I need cash from strangers I ask for it.