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A: Get a copy of Beatles Rock band in the house with the drums and mike.

When I left with the kids to pick up the game at K-Mart the party was winding down, a lot of people (not Rush fans apparently) had left early to see the patriots game and the teens were ready to go.

When I got home and the game was set up, suddenly Joey didn’t have to leave 45 min earlier, Crystal didn’t have to go to her grandmothers for fried chicken (mmmm fried chicken!) Dominic left the blowout and was on base guitar and Kevin whose cough was keeping him away from the party was well enough to come over and play till 10 p.m.

beatles rock bandMy review of the Wii Game Beatles Rock Band, the Premium edition is available at here.

The kids final birthday party was VERY heavily attended and his coffers overflowed. He had said since Late August that this is all he wanted. We told him bluntly it was too expensive, he said what if he only got cash for his birthday and picked it up. We doubted he would get enough and told him to wait till Christmas, however the kid has always been lucky and yesterday was no exception.

I must confess it is cool on steroids.