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If you remember the old Zorro TV show Sgt. Garcia was a good natured bumbler who dreamed of catching Zorro to get the reward:

But he knew what to do about bears.

Maybe if Aspin had more Sgt. Garcias around they wouldn’t have to worry so much about bears or the Bears would stay away.

Via Glenn to whom this is a pet peeve.

Update: At Moe Lane’s a commenter gives a lesson in cause and effect:

Gene K says:
September 28, 2009 at 7:56 am

Colorado Issue 10 (1992) was a measure was to prohibit the taking of (hunting) black bears. It passed. The bear population has increased with all the expected consequences.

It looks like the city shot itself in the foot and didn’t have charcoal instead of gunpowder in their muskets.