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I’ve never seen a party so weak

Posted: February 16, 2010 by datechguy in opinion/news
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…that they can’t lead or govern with a a 60% or a 59% majority and complain that they were unable to get things done.

I’m watching Bayh on Morning Joe and I just have to laugh. The unwillingness to govern or to take responsibility for actually leading. You are complaining about partisan obstruction with a 18 seat senate majority that was 20 not 2 months ago? You expect us to believe it? How stupid do you think the people are?

Is it the money? Is it the prestige? Is it the power and/or patronage? Is it the best job they will ever have? Why are these people so afraid of governing? Every single person there asked for the job they have, they begged for it.

Are these people weak? Consider, there are thousands of people in their districts and states that would love their jobs. They were strong enough to get them. It would seem unlikely that they are so weak if they are able to beat back the people who want those seats.

If you KNOW that a law or a series of proposals are bad for the country or bad for your district and you are just going along because a white house tell you to, because a leadership tells you to, then why bother being there?

The same people who went along with the president because he seemed unstoppable 12 months ago are the same people running for the hills today. This suggests that people either don’t have the courage of their beliefs or simply have no beliefs other than getting re-elected and/or “retiring” to a high paying job from government.

That being the case their departure is the best thing they can do to actually serve their country.

…if it wasn’t for the constant cheerleading for candidate Obama, and their willing suspension of disbelief concerning Obamacare etc, the president might not have gone so far out on a limb to enact such foolish legislation.

If the media was more moderate in its presentation and the congress more moderate in its attempts to make law the overreaching and arrogance of this administration would have been avoided, the “reporting” concerning the teapartiers didn’t help either.

So ye of the administration and the left wing media if you want to know who is to blame for Sen Bayh’s departure buy a mirror.