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If you missed yesterday’s show with Anita Moncrief of Emerging in the First Hour and the Andrea Shea King the Radio Patriot in the 2nd worry not, it is available here.

An explanation is owed concerning the 2nd hour: Normally we have a full panel for the 2nd hour but until Thursday but we were unclear on our location and there was a chance that we would lose Anita this week. Additionally because of commitments Anita could only stay for one hour.

I’m very grateful for Andrea Shea King the Radio Patriot who jumped into the breach for us on very short notice. I hope to have her back as a primary guest in the future.

And remember next week is the battle of the bloggers, Robert Stacy McCain and Little Miss Attila. It should be fun, don’t miss it.

Today Anita Moncrief is our scheduled guest, we’ll be talking about the True the vote conference and her experience as a Whistle blower on Acron.

In the second hour we will talk Trump, Libya and the middle east. Join us at 10 a.m. on WCRN 830 AM and don’t forget the Wesley and Weston review at 6. Conservatively speaking from 7-9 and Carol Ann Brown at 9.
As always you can listen live here

I will be going to the Catholic Men’s conference after the show and will have video up at the end of the day.

We caught up to Anita MonCrief at the Post (Tea) Party Summit just outside of Boston (Danvers). I must admit I’m a sucker for people who went to Catholic School when they were young:

You know Charles Blow says we are all racists at the tea parties so maybe she was an optical illusion.

…at the Post Party Summit today.

Anita MonCrief at the Post Party Summit

I think we’d better not tell Joan Walsh about Anita being here.. If anyone told her that the attendees of her Voter Registration workshop didn’t express shock, call her Nigger or walk out I think Joan would get the vapors.

Did she ever retract her claim concerning John Lewis? I don’t think so.

(Oh and in case you didn’t know I don’t do this “N-word” nonsense.)

Update: Wrong link updated.

Update 2: Better not tell Charles Blow either.