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Speaking of Fighting the Bloody Lot on Abortion the Americans United for Life came out with its state rankings on the protection of life today:

Americans United for Life State Ranking 2011

Some details from AUL:

In our analysis, we look beyond the mere existence of a law to the actual substance and practical effect of the law. Using this state-specific information and taking into account the unique political realities of each state, we have also identified key opportunities for each state in 2011 and beyond.

In addition when they say “life” they don’t just mean Abortion, from their release:

Arizona benefited from a highly-successful legislative session in which it became one of the first states to opt-out of the federal abortion-mandate (contained in the new health care law) as well as prohibiting human cloning, destructive embryo research, and the creation of human-animal hybrids.

Meanwhile Washington remains a beautiful state to the eye but a poor place for life:

For the second year in a row, Washington is the least “life friendly” state. Washington surpassed California as the least pro-life state following its approval of a ballot initiative permitting assisted suicide in November 2008. Moreover, as a result of the adoption of a state Freedom of Choice Act (FOCA), Washington lacks the most basic protections for women considering abortion.

Both demographics and science will continue to help the cause of life as time goes by, but until the day of realization comes the Americans United for Life will keep up the fight.