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When Lisa Murkowski lost her primary and decided to go write in the GOP decided to play it with kid gloves, after all they all knew her, it’s not like she was going to go and caucus with democrats…oh wait:

Dana Bash of CNN reports on Twitter that Murkowski said republicans should not count on her to be with them

Bottom line is this. If Murkowski won’t declare she will caucus with republicans we must assume a vote for Murkowski is a vote for Obama. If she is elected she will become the media darling, the “reasonable” republican that will be on every show talking “compromise”, in other words, she will be Dede.

Alaska it’s your state not mine, but this tells you the compromise candidates the GOP establishment backs are not worth a damn. Their only principle is the retention of their own power. If you choose to empower the administration by voting for Murkowski then you deserve all you get from her.

Your vote, your call and as always whatever your call on Tuesday, you will get the government you deserve.

…until it isn’t any more apparently.

Bonnie Jack, who was a Murkowski campaign elections observer for the count of absentee votes, sent out an email this morning. “Join us at the Kick-off of Senator Lisa’s campaign — with a theme of “write in her name in and fill in the oval.”

“Denai’na Convention Center, third floor and hopefully out on the sunny deck, 5 pm. Bring your family including children, friends and business associates. We plan to make history!”

I am dying to see Karl Rove, Charles Krauthammer et/al going after Murkowski in the same way they were so anxious to go after Christine O’Donnell.

One of the things I found last weekend when interviewing Tea Party activists is they DO NOT trust the Republican Party. It is stuff like this that earns their distrust. Stacy McCain says this:

Lisa Murkowski is as consumed with pathological narcissism as her worst enemies said?

Jonah Goldberg gives an excellent analysis and concludes with this Zinger!

How is she anything more than Arlen Specter in a dress?

To Lisa I say this. I know it is hard to lose a race but you’ve got a family and a life. Don’t define yourself by an office. It looks really REALLY bad.

This is the first shot that will cumulative in the nomination of 2012 that will determine if the republican party becomes the majority party or dies. From what I’m seeing of the reaction of the establishment it doesn’t look promising.

Update: Jim Geraghty (who I didn’t get a chance to introduce myself to at the blogcon debate) said this:

the RINO-hunters have a point that the moderates never seem to be willing to compromise or put the party’s interest first.

and from HotAir reports from her announcement:

This is one woman who won’t quit on Alaska

Earth to Lisa, you didn’t quit, you were fired by the voters.

One of the things I discovered in my initial week with Stacy McCain back in January is that actually being there makes a huge difference because when opportunity knocks (or in this case rings)you are near the door to answer:

Getting an interview with Sarah Palin is difficult. Getting an interview with Todd is next to impossible, and I would never have gotten this far if mutual friends — including Anchorage conservative talk-radio legend Eddie Burke — hadn’t vouched for my bona fides. So most of the conversation over the next two hours is off-the-record, or at least on background. To breach that agreement would be to put myself into that category of reporters whom Sarah Palin recently described to Sean Hannity as “impotent, limp and gutless.”

Why is this possible? Because Stacy McCain took the risk and the chance to BE in Alaska, to meet conservatives there and to give them the respect they deserve and produces the reciprocity that makes this moment possible. What a spectacular reporter

Since the MSM is not smart enough to hire him as a roving reporter, I strongly endorse hitting his tip jar. Who else is going to do this for you?

If there has ever been a moment where I have been jealous of my own hat, it would be now. My hat has been to Sarah Palin’s house and I’m on a couch in Fitchburg. ARRUGH!

The big question. Is Todd Palin or Trig now a member of the Axis of Fedora?

memorandum thread here

Update: Stacy’s exclusive makes other reporters seem limp by comparison

The don’t give it away for nothing

Posted: October 6, 2009 by datechguy in oddities
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You would think that particularly in this economy the prospect of free land would motivate people, apparently not:

The town of Anderson – population 300 – is foreclosing on 18 of 26 large, spruce-covered lots it gave away because the new owners did not develop them as required.

“It sounded good in theory. Oh yeah, free land. But the reality is it costs a lot of money to build up here,” said Eric Warner, one of the few to build a home, on Monday.

Hey how hard could it have been?

The March 2007 giveaway prompted thousands of calls from around the world. By the day of the land grab, 44 waited in line. Many camped out in weather as cold as minus-25 for a shot at the 1.3-acre lots, which went to the first 26 people to claim them and put down nonrefundable $500 deposits.

Under the rules, winning applicants were supposed to build a house measuring at least 1,000 square feet within two years.

Many of the winners, however, never came back or communicated with the town, even to respond to formal letters asking what their intentions were, City Clerk Darla Coghill said. She still hears daily from others interested in getting some free land, but she tells them Anderson is out of that business these days.

She thinks most outsiders couldn’t cut living in a place where the nearest gasoline and groceries are a 20-mile drive away.

As the grandson of people who came thousands of miles across the ocean to settle in a strange land I really don’t get this. I guess this is just one more thing Americans won’t do.

I’ll wager if they made the offer to immigrants having a chance to come over the majority of them would have managed.