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There are role models and there is Rihanna:

While promoting her album, Rated R, in an interview with New York City radio station Hot 97, the singer admitted she was the woman in the naked photos, which were leaked earlier this year.

“They were for my boyfriend at the time,” Rihanna, 21, said, adding, “if you don’t send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him.”

As a former one myself I’m sure there are teenage boys all over the world that are cheering this advice.

As a FATHER, I’m just shaking my head in despair of how many kids are going to take this to heart. I get the feeling that very few of those teens will be found in line to get Sarah Palin book signed.

As a tech support guy I had to laugh at the next quoted sentence:

…discovering nude photographs of herself on the Internet – just weeks after a photo of her battered face also found its way online, allegedly having been leaked by the police department – the singer said, “trust me, I was [freaked out].

“It was the worst thing that could possibly ever happen to me. I just felt like my whole privacy was taken before that [with the other photo leak] and then, when that came out, I thought, ‘Oh great, so now there’s nothing they don’t know about me and my private life,’ ” she said. “It was humiliating and it was embarrassing – especially my mom having to see that.”

It would seem to me those paragraphs are mutually exclusive. And I would remind you that in the digital age if you take pictures like that, they will not only be on the net, but they will be googled and oogled on the net for the rest of your life and beyond!

Do you want those photos to come up in when your name is googled for a jobsearch someday? Unless your goal in life is to try to generate hits for the huffington post I think not. I’d stay far away from this advice.

Rihanna you have earned this Nelson award.

Take my advice: don’t let your daughters become a Nelson award on some other blog.