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Spent the night working on my taxes and at a hospitality meeting for my church.

Meanwhile in at a blog near you see see the following:

Camp of the Saints celebrates St. Patrick’s day by bringing on Rule 5 a few days early as he puts it “Erin go braless”.

How is it that visiting the camp of the saints tend to make a person want to sin?

Over at the DaHospitalityGuy’s place he talks on a much more serious note about anti-depressants and unemployment:

Am I depressed? Of course I am. Naturally who wouldn’t be? I’m without a job. I’m without my family. I miss reading to my daughter. I miss playing with my son. I miss giving hugs and kisses and hearing them say I love you daddy.

Do I need a pill to take those feelings away? No. I want to miss my children. I want to care. I have a purpose. I don’t want a pill to cover that up and make me feel artificially better.

I know things have been hard for me but If you have some prayers to offer, I’d send them his way first.

Meanwhile at Haemet the charming Roxeanne (yet another example of 20/40) reminds of that we conservatives have been declared defeated many times before:

In the fifteen months since the Left declared us to be a waning political group and a thing of the past, we’ve seen:

* The popularity of conservatism eclipse that of liberalism;
* “Swing state” Virginia elect a hard-core conservative a twenty-point margin;
* New Jersey elect a conservative governor;
* Prius-driving Bostonians go crazy over Scott Brown, who campaigned on the promise of stopping the liberals in DC; and
* Barack Obama’s approval ratings drop to the lowest point of any sitting President at this time in an administration.

Running score: Leftists, 0; conservatives, 1.

Have of the battle is the willingness to keep fighting.

Deeper meaning my …

Posted: March 15, 2010 by datechguy in internet/free speech, oddities
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I finally saw the video that shocked the Huffpo and somehow failed to discover the “deeper meaning” within.

There was a time when stuff like this was considered cutting edge and shocking, I found it boring and predictable.

Is it just me or is this Gaga woman one of the most unattractive women there is? She has the Nancy Pelosi botox look decades too early. 20/40? I don’t think she could make 3/5.

The sad thing is the song is actually not bad but the movie seems a cheap cross between Chained Heat and Thelma and Louise. I think the song was kinda an afterthought, but it will likely end up printing money for the all involved which is the object of the exercise.

A member of the 20/40 club with a much better taste in hats than Gaga disagrees. Although I share the love of diners I don’t know if “art” is the word for it, but that’s a matter for the eyes that see it.

Update: I do confess I have no experience and can tell you nothing about waiting by the phone for the guy to call. I can tell you a lot about making the call after the first date and being brushed off. I wouldn’t describe it as rage but writing about it years later it does bring back unpleasant memories.

I was perusing memeorandum to see if there was anything I wanted to rant about before I hit the sack and noticed a link that included Ann Althouse. I don’t normally see Althouse listed there so I checked out the post. It was in answer to Rush Limbaugh and the lessons of the 60’s.

The post is typical Althouse, well written, intelligent and a pleasure to read but in reading the post I was struck dumb by a sentence near the end that really threw me for a loop:

I’d say the 60s left quite a mark on Rush Limbaugh. They left a mark on me too — quite a different mark though (and I was born on the same day in 1951 as Rush).

My reaction. Ann Althouse was born in 1951! She is twelve years older than me and pushing 60?

I mean look at the woman:

If this woman looks like this at 59 can you imagine what she must have looked like 30 years ago? Meade I tip my fedora to you and Ann as gentlemen used to say in an earlier time: My complements marm!

Update: For an explanation of the 20/40 rule click here.

The lastest salvo in the “boob wars”…

Posted: March 7, 2010 by datechguy in fun
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involves Carla Bruni. Not sure if it would qualify under Rule 5 or no.

Interesting though it be I stand behind my 20/40 take of last week.