I spoke to Tom Weaver candidate for the GOP nomination in MA-3. He gets to the nitty-gritty of election 2012 simply by using two lightbulbs.

Simple isn’t it? His web site is here.


Woke up this morning unable to log into the main blog, so I’ll be doing some posting here as time permits. Seems to be a godaddy issue

Went off with the wife a couple of hours ago to replace the dying Washer and came back with an instalanche on my latest Saturday Diner post.

So I went to the site to update and acknowledge the lanche and presto, 503 error.

I saw no reason why an instalanche should bring down my site so I called Godaddy (my hosting service) that said it was indeed just a question to too much traffic for me to handle.

So either I have some kind of Super instalanche overwhelming my site because everyone likes diners, or I’m being hit with a DOS attack, possibility for my posts on Rush but much more likely for my attacks on Anonymous.

Now I’ve got a Knights of Columbus meeting so I’m going to be scooting but until my site is available I’ll be posting new stuff here at the old wordpress blog.

Update: Back up, and the Diner post is here.

So any new posting will be here until it is resolved.

Regular blogging on the main site will return as soon as the issues are resolved.

Meanwhile you might notice that Stacy McCain is much more tolerant of people of other religions than a certain Rabbi Hammerman.

Look, if a Protestant like me can support a papist like Rick Santorum — “papist” being the kind of slur you don’t hear very often in our politically correct age – clearly the crisis is upon us.

Hammerman, take notes.