Hire DaTechguy to Write/Speak

I am more than happy to write on a full time, part time, or column / blog basic for your media outlet, your political campaign, your advocacy group or your website.

On a per piece basis I am willing to write for $25 a piece or $40 for two a week.

If you wish me to contribute to your blog or to blog for you full time contact me and we can discuss terms.

I am also available to cover individual events, campaigns etc…My Motto is Have Fedora will travel so I am willing to cover any individual event for up to a week at a time at the following rates.

$1000 for one full week
$250 for one day
$45 an hour

These costs to not include travel, gas and meals. I am willing to cover any event in the country at the above rates provided airfare, lodging and meals and car rental are covered. Lodging in a private home is acceptable and if instead of a rental if someone in your organization wishes to take me around that is fine too.

Be aware that I am a Conservative, Republican Catholic and think accordingly. This is where I am coming from so be aware of this if you wish to use me.

I will be happy to speak at your event at my day rate, plus transportation. If your event is within 2 hours driving I will do it for my hourly rate plus $90 to cover the drive.

  1. […] still offering my Have Fedora will travel services for a full week of blogging & filming etc to anyone with a story they want told. Price $1000, […]

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