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…is that THIS was the year that the Colts were going to make their Superbowl run.

Let’s say something bluntly.

Until Tom Brady Goes down with an injury or until he suddenly falls off Max Kellerman’s Cliff nobody is going to the Superbowl in the AFC unless they are able to knock him off that perch.

Now it’s very possible that a Patrick Mahomes could do it, although given the improved Patriots defense it’s not a bet I’d risk a whole lot of money on

But if you think that Andrew Luck was going to be able to do it this year, that’s just crazy.

Not QUITE as crazy as the take I was hearing that Luck is more talented than Brady and the proof is that he was taken 1st over all vs 199th, but unlike the “Luck is better” argument it’s one I’ve heard every day since his retirement


But here it is

Quick thought, both Luck and Grok retired at 29 and had to deal with a lot of pain.

If he was wise with his money than he and his will be OK, but it’s a reminder of what Sandy Koufax once said. He’d rather retire whole then risk more injury.

Question:  What do winning and alms giving have in common?

Answer They both cover a multitude of sins as Jim Geraghty explains:

…if Kaepernick were guaranteed to play on the level of Tom Brady or Patrick Mahomes in the coming season, some team somewhere would put aside fears of controversy and gamble that the fans they lost as a result of Kaepernick’s public stances would be more than offset by fans gravitating to them because of the wins that would probably come from a quarterback capable of a season with 4,000 passing yards and 40 touchdown passes. This is the same league that welcomed back Michael Vick after he spent 21 months in federal prison for his role in a dogfighting ring. NFL teams find room on their rosters for players who have run-ins with the law and engage in all kinds of scandalous behavior — as long as they’re talented enough to justify the bad publicity.

If there is one thing that has been true of people the prospect of winning tends to override all else.  If any team thought Colin could get them to a superbowl or if the team was really pathetic, could get them to the playoffs for the 1st time in years they would have signed him so fast it would have made your head swim ( in fact opposing teams would have made a big deal about Kaepernick as the villain getting folks to show up to cheer against him).

But alas for Kaepernick lovers, the only advantage that Kaepernick has is several years of not being hit and there are plenty of other players who last season was not a disaster who are just as anxious for a roster spot.  But I think the reality is these folks don’t want him signed any more than he wants to be signed.  Geraghty actually hit on it without realizing it:

With the possibility of a team signing Kaepernick extremely unlikely, what is the NFL supposed to do? Would these activists, writers, and NFL players prefer that the NFL ignore the issues of police brutality, insufficient opportunities in African-American communities, the human consequences of the war on drugs? The league is giving these voices something they’ve demanded for a long time. Now that it has arrived, no one seems all that happy or satisfied.

of course they aren’t, like most social justice warriors they make their bread and butter on the fundraising and the media they get from screaming about problems real or imagined.  Solved problems take the camera way.

As the old poem goes, once you pay the danegeld you never get rid of the Dane.  That’s what Jay Z has done with his deal, he has taken away the insanegeld of the SJW community, and for that crime he will bear their hatred and wrath, all the way to the bank remembering that there is very little one can’t do as long as they don’t give a damn what others think.

At the main site I have a post up with a summery of the debate but I think it can be better explained in two tweets.

or as I put it.



As I noted there are those like Joe Scarborough who are shocked, Shocked that the Democrats are arguing how bad the Obama years were on stage.

But consider, if the Obama years had been good, if they had been prosperous, if they had advanced the future of Americans everywhere, then Hillary Clinton would have won 35 to forty states without blinking an eye.

the truth is Barack Obama won re-election for two reasons.

1. The GOP ran the worst possible candidate against him in 2012 (Mitt Romney)

2. Black Americans turned out in droves because even they could not bear the thought of the 1st black president losing re-election because he sucked so bad.

Every single democrat on that stage knows this.



I’m starting to figure out why Snoops is going after the Babylon Bee, I read my wife the two headlines from this post at Instapundit and asked her to guess which is the parody and which is the real one

HEH: Marianne Williamson Not Sure What She’s Doing Up Here With All These Crazy People.

Related: Marianne Williamson: I am not a ‘wacky new-age nutcase.’

She guessed wrong, and remember in my opinion she was, other than Donald Trump of course,  the biggest winner in the Debates this week.


Yesterday was Baseball’s trading deadline and there were a bunch of blockbuster trades made, particularly by Houston that bolstered an already impressive pitching staff.

The Red Sox on the other hand took my advice and did nothing.

While sports radio was screaming bloody murder they also quoted a stat that to me explained why any such deadline deal was stupid.  The Red Sox are 8-14 when their ace Chris Sale (5-10) starts,  9-11 when David Price (7-4) starts and 13-9 when Rick Porcello (9-8) starts this season.

With those numbers anyone who thinks for one minute a last minute one sided deal to add a bullpen arm is going to allow those three guys to lead them to another title this year is delusional.  Much better to see if their incredible offense can carry them, put it down to a bad year for the pitchers (everyone has them occasionally) and shore up the bullpen in the off season where they can get much more bang for the buck without dismantling the team.

That’s what a GM who recognizes his job is to give his team their best shot to win each year does as opposed to keeping loud voices on the radio happy.


Finally here is an update on the blog situation.

You’ll notice that there IS some new posts going up on the old site, a few were scheduled posts but some are new.  I’ve found a work around that allows me to post there but I can’t put in any links, add images or even embed tweets, it’s plain text only.

So here is the plan.  While I price my alternatives (likely between $500-$1000 up front at least) to preserve the old blog at an alternate location without taking a week off from work to do it I’ll be posting at both sites. Anything that needs linkage I’ll put here.  If I can get away with just text then it will go there, and perhaps I’ll kill a photo or two from my gallery to free up some space for an image or two.

As I recently did a direct non-public fundraiser  (that fell far short of my goal but did pay for pintastic coverage and provide a cushion thanks all) I’m not really in a position to do it again just a few months later, but if anyone wants to kick in to help pay for this stuff.  Datipjar on both sites DOES work.

As for my writers they can either post there sans links and graphics or post here during the transition or if they want they can take a few days off and wait for everything to work again.  I’ll leave it entirely up to them..