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…as a old Green Lantern fan this look VERY cool:

It could stink you never know but it looks cool.

Tom Kahale of Bagels and Kabobs on Rte 126 shows off a spread of middle eastern food at WCRN last week

a man who can keep a young business going during bad times is a man to listen to

My reviews of the Ladd Ehlinger Jr. film Hive Mind staring Greg Trent are available at here and at here.

I am absolutely convinced this movie would be a cult classic if more people saw it. CPAC 2011 should consider showing it in a side room on a loop or something.

If Ladd Ehlinger Jr. sounds familiar but you can’t place him, you likely know him from this.

And if you still can’t place him I interviewed him Wednesday.

Go to his site and buy this movie.

A Pinball machine interlude

Posted: October 2, 2010 by datechguy in fun, hobbies

Let’s get the political off the mind for a moment:

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All these shots are from Lanes and Games in Cambridge Mass.