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…and as a person who doesn’t go to fark, never checks it out and doesn’t really read it it’s no big deal expect for it has produced a little less than the third of the hits that the instalance did for that post.

I took the liberty of checking the fark thread when I came home. The comments on the Fark thread are fascinating: The reactions thereof concerning me are very amusing and show a level of rational discourse that is seldom seen without a 15 second delay and a cable TV show.

It’s been suggested I should go over there and defend myself, but I don’t see why. These guys make my point about the left better than I could and adds to the point I was making on the Wonkette post.

It is exactly the reason why Andrew Breitbart retweets the most nonsensical and vulgar stuff that is said about him. It allows the “best of the left” to self identify so I’m all for getting out of the way and letting them do so.

But hey if you came to the blog from Fark, nice to have you, take a look around and feel free to come back if you want.

Update: I didn’t realize this is all part of the new tone!

Susanna Fleetwood has a great collection of photos from CPAC. Here is my collection of Fedoras from CPAC:

Warner Todd Huston and Victoria Jackson

Ok that hat isn’t mine but its better than any I own

DaTechGuy’s Fedora across the nation

Posted: February 17, 2011 by datechguy in fun


You may not be aware of this, but a selection of my Fedoras is always on loan to various bloggers around the country. This set of maps shows the current locations of my loaned out fedoras currently in blogger hands.



As time goes by and the various people who have my hats return them and they are re-loaned the locations change but for now if you want to find where a hat belonging to DaTechGuy on loan currently is, check out the blue stars.

I always try to keep 3 hats on hand (2 formal one casual) for 4 is my limit, but where will the Fedoras go next? Keep an eye on this space!

It was my pleasure to run into Ladd Ehlinger again at CPAC:

Ladd without a question made the most memorable and simply fun ads of the last political cycle. Such as:

and this:

and this:

As the next election cycle draws near, if you want to get your name out there, Ladd is the man to call