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You might remember Ny-25 as one of the stops on my pre-election road trip. Well strange things seem to be going on over there. The first strange thing is the absence of media attention, apparently this is a request from the Maffei campaign that has apparently not fallen on deaf ears: any vote totals reported […]

Here is a clip after the main press conference on the 18th where Ann Marie Buerkle answers press questions If you ask me this race is more than wide open.

I caught most of Ann Marie Buerkle’s speech today at the event in Clyde yesterday I like her a lot, but the Lonely Conservative’s high opinion of her speaks volumes as well.

Because if you had you might not be saying things like this: That’s most of the plan. The rest of the plan, as Israel explains, is making life difficult for some of the pro-life Republicans who were swept into Congress last year. The theory is that voters sort of elected them by accident. And they […]