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An amazing sequence of events took place in the last hour that might have an incredible impact. By now you’ve heard the Mike Pezzano stomping incident at the debate last night. Joe Scarborough being a reasonable man tweeted this: Being a rather snarky fellow I answered thus: Joe being a reasonable person (no matter what […]

…after all an NAACP leader has declared he is not black enough. I guess when the NAACP said they “investigate all written complaints filed with us, regardless of the complainant’s ideology.” they must have been speaking metaphorically. So remember white racists. The NAACP at a public event has now declared, It is ok to call […]

Ran into a friend of mine who teaches history and current events in a town nearby. We were talking, he is already back to school and the kids come back in a week. I asked him if he ever heard of Ken Gladeny. He hadn’t. I told him the story he was shocked. Update: But […]

This morning I talked to Andrew Breitbart about his trip to Madison and what he saw: DaTechGuy: Why did you decide to go to Wisconsin? Andrew Breitbart: The Democratic Party has used public sector unions as a weapon to intimidate. It’s a formula used state by state (Such as in searchlight) I’ve sensed that any […]