Primary Site is Down (No Foreign $ like Universities)

Posted: May 26, 2020 by datechguy in Uncategorized

About 11:30 PM we started to get a bandwidth error on our primary wordpress site.

I’ll be posting here until the site is back up.

Quick note, if you caught my podcast Monday morning you might have noted that I argued that our enemies decided it was cheaper to buy people than weapons.  By an odd coincidence I noticed this piece today:

The Department of Education has discovered at least $6 billion in unreported donations to American universities from adversarial foreign nations, Townhall reported on Friday.

The DoE revealed its updates in a May 19 letter to Congress and a subsequent briefing to several ranking House Republicans who are conducting an investigation into the foreign funding of U.S. educational institutions.

The investigation was spurred by increasing reports of Chinese funding at U.S. educational institutions, including the prevalence of Confucius institutes on U.S. campuses. Confucius institutes are Chinese-government funded centers which ostensibly promote Chinese language and culture, but which U.S. agencies have warned spread propaganda for China’s government.

“Some [Institutions of Higher Education] leaders are starting to acknowledge the threat of foreign academic espionage and have been working with federal law enforcement to address gaps in reporting and transparency,” the letter from the DoE’s Office of the General Counsel reads. “However, the evidence suggests massive investments of foreign money have bred dependency and distorted the decision-making, mission, and values of too many institutions.”

People have always been cheaper to buy then bombs, and they tend to stay bought.



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