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One wonders if the trade is triangular

by baldilocks

The Organized Left seems to have a limited set of tactics. But, I’m fascinated by the logistics of the following, not to mention the audacity.

The Assembly of African Migrants — a confederation of about 3,000 people from various African countries currently in Tapachula, Mexico — launched in the past week, according to La Jornada, citing assembly leaders. The group issued its first press release Thursday, describing its origins, how members have suffered since entering Mexico, and their demands.

“We, the people of African origin, forced to remain in Tapachula, suffer an unbearable humanitarian situation related to nurture, housing, health and hygiene; as well as systematic discrimination by immigration authorities,” the press release began. “Since we left our countries, for us life has been a permanent escape. We feel despair, hopelessness, fear, demoralization, loneliness and abandonment.”

The Assembly of African Migrants is made up of illegal immigrants who traveled from the Republic of the Congo, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Angola, Cameroon, and other African countries. They said they left their countries, traveled across South and Central America, but have remained detained in Tapachula, a city on Mexico’s southern border near Guatemala.

Thanks in large part to pressure from the Trump administration, the Mexican government has dramatically stepped up enforcement against illegal immigration. While the majority of illegal migrants traveling through Mexico are Central Americans, thousands of African migrants have also found themselves stuck near Tapachula’s federal immigration office.

If you’re blown away by the irony of this – especially juxtaposed against the New York Times singling out the United States for its alleged birth defect aka enslavement of black Africans – don’t feel as though you’re alone.

But the same question keeps popping up every time I read about this: who owns the fleet which is bringing these Africans across the Atlantic Ocean?

I’d guess that it’s the same entities who got them organized into an “Assembly,” wrote their press release, told them to march, and supplied them with the lovely Spanish-language signs. (Several possible culprits are listed here. Spanish language.)

Also, I’ll bet that the US Navy has the ferrymen identified.

Another question: has anyone warned these poor Africans about the horrible white supremacism and toxic masculinity rampant north of the USA-Mexico border?

I’m guessing not.

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Glad you asked.

Yesterday I got a big surprise in the mail, it was a letter from the new company with a check for what I paid already for the move.

I was bluntly told that our database is so corrupted that there is simply no way to get it imported.  They tried multiple different methods and everything failed.

I suspect this corruption is one of the reasons why this is one of the slowest blogs in the blogosphere.

I decided to put this to the test and attempted to export the blog to the backup blog, every attempt failed.  Even when I attempted to import just a single month’s of posts everything blew up in a fashion that would have made Crazy Harry proud.

This gives me two options.

The 1st option was to move everything to wordpress on the theory that if anyone is an exert on WordPress, it would be wordpress.

I have rejected this option for a couple of reasons.

#1  Given the state of the database, even if they managed to import it odds are I would have a blog just as slow if not slower at the new site.  There is of course the possibility that they could repair the database but the cost of doing so would almost certainly be prohibitive.

This leaves option 2 which I have decided on.

The plan is to go with the hosting service I was originally doing to work with, and do a clean install.

this will mean a clean database and get the blogs speed back up to snuff.  The problem of course is what to do with data from Nov 2011 to date?  (everything up to Oct 2011 is on the old backup site already.

The answer is simple but tedious.

  1.  Take an old domain that I still own but aren’t using like and point it to the current blog.
  2.   Go into each blog post individually and using copy and paste from the HTML editor move said post to the current site, doubling checking to make sure the name of the post is correct because the name on the post is not necessarily the name in memory
  3.  Publish the post giving the date of publication as the original publishing date.

This means that eventually every thing will get moved over but the old blog posts will repopulate slowly, basically at the speed that I and maybe one other person can do this.

Most likely it will take several months but eventually everything will get to where it needs to be and most importantly the database problems will not be imported with it.  So the blog should load at a reasonable speed.

The process:

The 1st step will be to make sure that we can access the current site with the different host name, once that is done and I can confirm that I can access each old post via the editor rather than having to go to the wayback machine and copy and paste through there, then the new install can be made.  Once we are sure it is up then the DNS for can be changed and all new traffic will be going to the new spot while I can still access the old domain via the different host name.

What will be lost.

Every comment on every old post will be toast.  it’s going to be tedious and costly enough to move every single post by hand, to reproduce every single comment I can’t justify the cost and time.

The Drawbacks:

This means that every single link to an old post will become broken until said posts are moved.  This is going to wreak havoc with my stats for months but as each old post gets moved the havoc will be decreased.

Since we are talking 10,000+ posts my guess is it will take about 500 hours to get everything over, but the reality is that most old posts forgotten so I might just worry about moving over the last couple of months of posts and maybe the top 100 or thousands posts because they are still drawing traffic right away and then a few a day after that until it’s all done.

Either way I’m shooting for the end of next week for the clean install.  Once I confirm the ability to access the current sight after the DNS transfer then the moves will begin.

When things are more solid I’ll let you know.