Why (in my opinion) Bill Clinton & the Guy who really ordered Jeffrey Epstein Murder are Glad you Suspect Bill

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Tom Hagen: Should I insist that all of Tattaglia’s drug middlemen have clean records?
Don Vito Corleone: Mention it. Don’t insist.- Barzini will know without being told.
Tom Hagen: You mean Tattaglia.
Don Vito Corleone: Tattaglia’s a pimp. He could never have outfought Santino. But I didn’t know until this day that it was Barzini all along

The Godfather 1972, script via here


As you might have figured out from my post here I highly doubt Jeffrey’s Epstein’s death is a suicide.

And as you might have figured out from this post here. People like Joe Scarborough who are suggesting Russia and/or Trump is involved are BSing. They know that Epstein is danger to the Clintons, not Donald Trump

However what might surprise you is this:

While I believe Jeffrey Epstein was murdered I don’t believe that Bill Clinton had anything to do with it, but ironically it’s my opinion that both he and the person who actually ordered the murder he would like people to think he did..

For the person who actually ordered and arranged the murder the reason they would want you to think Bill arranged it is obvious. If people believe it was the Clinton family then they don’t figure it was him (or her, or Joe Biden’s 3rd gender whatever it is).

But the reason why the Clinton’s would WANT folks to suspect this is less so.

Consider this. Bill and Hillary Clinton once had more gravitas than any couple alive. The rich, the famous and the powerful all over the world rushed to throw money at them, to bend the knee to them and the cater to them. Why? because Bill had power and Hillary because it was believed she would soon have that same power.

Since election 2016 however the Clinton’s have fallen far, so far that they had to do a ticketed tour to get money from the rubes because the connected knew there was no return on it and in fact even the rubes willing to give them a buck were few and far between. Few respected them, few felt a need to cultivate them and even fewer feared them.

The Epstein murder/suicide/whatever changes all of this.

Suddenly a lot of people are of the belief that Bill Clinton still had pull, still have gravitas, and still had enough influence to arrange the “suicide” of a federal prisoner under lock and key. And if he can do that, it means that he’s still a player, someone to be respected, feared and maybe even cultivated by the rich and powerful once more.

That is the bread and butter for the Clinton family and ironically not only won’t a denial be believed but a denial or a statement to the effect that he won’t dignify the suggestion with an answer will only reinforce the idea in the minds of many that this is the work of the Clinton family.

The best part? Bill can welcome an investigation because like Trump in the whole Russia business he knows he didn’t do it. So any honest investigation will clear him completely and when one does he can claim aggrieved status which will raise his gravitas with the media and some of the elites even more.

Even better foreign power elites will presume that any investigation that clears him will do so not because he is innocent but because he still has power and if he does have such power, then he is worth cultivating once again.

But even if there is no investigation this whole business makes people consider him a player who is still holding cards and they will act accordingly.

Well all except one person, the one who actually did it.

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