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After watching yesterday’s Democrat debate with a strong performance by Marianne Williamson and a lot of shouting by Bernie and Warren and the reactions from it I have come to the conclusion that the winner of tonight debate will be the same as the winner of last nights debate:

Namely Donald Trump

First of all I see no reason why we will see anything different in terms of positions from these folks than we did last night.

They will all endorse the idea that students who foolishly borrowed a fortune to pay for majors like women’s studies, transgender studies and Aqua Team Hunger Force studies while spending must time partying should be excused from paying back their debts while people who never owned slaves, whose parents never owned slaves and who grandparents weren’t even in this country when slavery was legal are obliged to pay billions to people who never were enslaved and whose parents never were enslaved.

They will argue that people who have never committed a crime with a gun bought legally must be placed in legal jeopardy for the acts of people who violated laws already on the books.  That the NRA an organization of legal gun owners is responsible for violence while the drug gangs that Democrat pols in Chicago count on for muscle is not.

They will claim that the economy that has put more blacks, women and Hispanics to work than any other time in our history is only benefiting the rich, that National Healthcare systems that lead to long waits and drive many people to America for live saving care is wonderful and will insist that pointing out that the city of Baltimore, a majority black city is a disaster is racist, but letting that city fall into that state and keeping it and the mostly black community that lives there in that state is not.

For these reasons Donald Trump can’t help but win tonight’s debate but there are several people who might make it to 2nd place.

If Joe Biden can come out of this debate without looking like an inept fool he might come in 2nd.

If Kamila Harris can come out of this debate with another bounce she might come in 2nd.

If any of the mid tier candidates like Corey Booker can manage to make a blgger splash than either, they could come in 2nd.

And if any of the bottom tier candidates like Tulsi Gabbard can get enough oomph out of the debate to qualify for the next round they could come in second.

And of course a bad performance by Biden, Harris, or Booker has the potential to make them a big loser with only the 2nd tier candidates who do not break out raking possibly below them.

But you can take it to the bank.  Tonight’s big debate winner will be Donald Trump.  Count on it!



On WEEI today all the talk was about who the Redsox should trade for at the deadline that’s coming up to bolster their bullpen.  I have a simple and concise answer.


if we were say two games away from the Yanks and had a chance to bypass the wildcard round then perhaps my answer might be different but for now the answer is “stand pat”.

Why really simple the cost benefit ratio.

Given the price of what is out there combined with the weakness of the Redsox farm system the price for any player who might make a different is prohibitive, in fact the price paid might be high enough to take us out of contention in 2020.

And since the reward of such a move would be a shot, a shot mind you at a single winner take all elimination game before even getting to the playoffs any price that hurt our chances in 2020 just isn’t worth it.

Right now we have an offensive team that is incredible and will all be under contract next year.  We have a starting rotation that is having a down season but there is no reason to believe that said down seasons will extend into next year.

Trading a Bradley JR will increase the team ERA as would a trade of Benintendi.  While I like Brock Holt without a solid man at 2nd I don’t think losing Chavez is wise.

So my advice to the Red Sox is keep a stiff upper lip and try to ride it out.  Pick up a closer in the off season when the price will be lower and just win what you can now, don’t jeopardize the future for an uncertain return.

FYI   The reason why I’m posting is yet another GoDaddy issue which makes it impossible for me to edit the body of any new or existing post (although already written and scheduled posts will go up as normal).  They will graciously fix for a $400 update, a migration to a new server and a 10 day wait (oh and I have to do the migration unless I want to pay an additional fee).

It seems that every time I ask for tech support the result is a large bill and a site down for a week or more.  Given the drop in traffic and tip jar hits and the displeasure I’ve had in dealing with them I’m not inclined to go along.  As this has all happened in the last 4 hours I’ve not had a night to sleep on it but here are my plans in order

Plan A:  check with a friend of mine who does hosting, if it can be done affordably and quickly move there.

Plan B:  Since I’m already here move to wordpress and update this blog existing moving the registration of here and see what the cost and timeframe will be to migrate my existing stuff over.

Plan C:  Just blog at the free site and do no frills blogging,

Plan D:  As the hits and the tipjar hits are way down chuck the whole thing and pay off my debts as best I can over time.

A & B would allow things to go on as they are, C  would likely mean the end of DaMagnificent seven and D would mean the end of everything.  Given the amount of choices out there and the drop in traffic I don’t know how many people would really miss us but I’d hate to close down with an election around the corner.  I may not be a big conservative voice but with so many of us being censored we can use every one we’ve got.

I’d like to know what you think.