Let’s try that German Leftist who “evolved” on Refugees again

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the last post I got up at the other site before the GoDaddy Suspension liked to this piece concerning a German who had put together a charity working with refugees who had a big change of heart.

I dealt with their official matters, I got them apartments, furniture, cell phones, computers, clothing, courses, jobs, scholarships and spent countless free hours of my private time on individual cases. However, at some point I noticed that these people play with me an unclean game, that is, they use on me taqqiya. I was lied to by these people, which disappointed me a lot. I myself, was constantly warned against this Muslim misleading strategy, by people from Arab countries and Kurds who did not only flee from war zones, but had to flee Muslims; however, I did not want to listen to them. And suddenly, it turned out that those people who dealt with everything who ate with me, drank, danced, laughed, did not pray, did not go to the mosque, did not observe Ramadan, mocked religion and deeply religious people, they, all while eating my food and sitting in my garden, they don’t talk about me other than “a stupid German whore”

She also discovered that when Pam Geller an Robert Spencer talk about the Taqqiya they weren’t kidding.

The undermining of trust is programmed here. Muslims can deceive and lie to an infidel, it is not ethically blameworthy if this tactic will bring some profit that will help him and the Ummah. He doesn’t have to be ashamed of it. In order to extract benefits from the unbeliever, they can pretend friendship or love as long as they don’t feel it in their hearts. Thanks to the existence of taqqiya Muslims are free from any responsibility towards the unbeliever – this is my warning for women who deal with them! But also especially for our politicians who enter into agreements with Islamic unions – no oath, even in the name of Allah, matters because of taqqiya, because Allah has dispensed his faithful from oaths towards unbelievers. The only condition: the lying one must deeply believe in the Koran and Allah. Taqqiya allows a Muslim to act as if he were not a Muslim. He can say and do everything as long as it is used to, for example, gain the trust of a person. Or of a country. Now think about what religious ideology we are dealing with!

Taqqiya, I think, comes from Shiism, but it is also used (even if it is denied) by Sunnis and even allows eating haram (impure) dishes or pretending to be an atheist

It took years for her to reach this point, but no about of denial keeps Islam from being what it is.

Insty linked to it today. here’s my original link, now broken to my old post.


Let’s hope by this time tomorrow it’s up again and you can read it.

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