The Media Left Loves Dictators…If they Hate Trump

Posted: February 11, 2018 by datechguy in Uncategorized

A few days ago we were treated to a monologue on CNN so sanctimonious concerning this White House that I finally decided I had enough of defending the gentleman (are we still allowed to use such a gender non-neutral term) who gave it.

Thus finishes a year when the MSM whines that Trump is a dictator and that they are victims despite the fact that they are completely able to continue to attack him and do so on a daily basis without fear because for all their talk about fears, their only fear is the hit their credibility has been taking.

But how will said media treat real actual dictators, with real actual blood on their hands when dealing with them?

Will they celebrate propaganda displays. and be satisfied, even dazzled by them?

Will they lionize their families making them the story of the games?

Will they flatteringly compare them to our own administration?

Will they attack victims of the dictators for their critiques?

And finally will they celebrate them as the gold medal winners in diplomacy?

All of these things have been done by organizations like Politico, Reuters, CNN , NBC the New republic and others, who all by an odd coincidence have been unrelenting in their attacks on the Trump administration.

Jessie Kelly put it best: Find a girl who looks at you the way the American media looks at North Korea.


I may be in day six of Godaddy suspension but at least my credibility is still intact.


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