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Posted: February 10, 2018 by datechguy in Uncategorized

A while back I teased Newsweek as being worth less than a Whopper Jr.

Believe it or not things have gotten worse over there and apparently it’s not just another case of “get work go broke”

The publisher of Newsweek and the International Business Times has been engaging in fraudulent online traffic practices that helped it secure a major ad buy from a US government agency, according to a new report released today by independent ad fraud researchers., the publisher’s US business site, last year won a significant portion of a large video and display advertising campaign for the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, a federal agency. Social Puncher, a consulting firm that investigates online ad fraud, alleges in its report that the ads were displayed to an audience on that includes a significant amount of “cheap junk traffic with a share of bots.”

So in addition to a magazine whose left wing tilt is so steep that it falls over like a drunk on saturday night they’re apparently a bunch of dishonest leftists with a tilt so steep they fall over like a drunk on Saturday night.

Yes, it seems Newsweek — once the Pepsi to Time’s Coke, with US News and World Reports filling the role of RC Cola — was ginning up its stats with those miserable banes of the internet experience, pop-up and pop-under ads. Even better: the ads appeared on video pirating sites, which means the consumer-fraud protection ads were displayed to consumers engaged in intellectual property theft.

And ad buyers are taking note:

“You lied, you cheated, and you destroyed the trust that your organization held in all of our eyes. Worse yet, your actions dragged everyone else into the mud with you,” Brandzooka said in a statement Thursday.

“That’s why as of [Thursday] morning, we have blocked Newsweek from our platform and will no longer serve any of our 22,000 users ads on the site.

“Deceit, lying, and cheating have no place in our industry or in the modern ad world,” the statement said.

Of course they mean deceit, lying and cheating have no place when dealing with them.  Selling fake news to advance the Democrat narrative?  I’m sure that’s still just fine.

The irony, they still have their web site up and while I”m still in day five of GoDaddy exile.

Perhaps if I was a lying, cheating dishonest anti-trump liberal site, I might not have that worry.

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