Congress faster than GoDaddy

Posted: February 9, 2018 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Yesterday was a bad day for meeting deadlines CPAC is rapidly coming and I still a bunch of new business cards for a show forced to reruns and a site that isn’t there.

Meanwhile in Washington, Pelosi’s droning not withstanding, the final budget deal, while in place,  had still not passed and the clock was ticking to midnight.

I had spent every free moment removing every single big of graphics data from 2011-2014 I went back to talk to godddy to see if I had jumped though enough of their hoops to get datechguyblog back up.  I was informed in chat at 2:45 pm yesterday that the site suspension was off and it would be back up in 24 hours.  I had to head to work and I don’t have a smart phone or net access so I decided to worry about it when I got home.

When I did things much as when I left, Rand Paul being at least consistent had held up thinks in the senate and nothing had passed in the house, meanwhile, my wife still could not breathe if she lay down and I still had no site.  So I figured I’d sleep on it and when I woke up I’d check again.

Well after a coughing fit (I never said I was well yet) and some errands it’s 10:42 AM my site is not up set as Godaddy seems determined to make me wait the full 24 twenty four hours but things have moved in congress:

The House has been working on the legislation since 2:30amET. The Freedom Caucus is not expected to sign on to the bill. Some Democrats like clown Luis Gutierrez (D-IL) are also not going to support the bill: “So today, they are going to bring over from the Senate a proposal, they are going to lift the caps and they’re going to say, let’s vote on our budget. Well, I say to everybody — don’t collude with this administration,” Gutierrez said. “Vote against the budget.” Maybe he should leave office, because his job is to work with the administration and it looks like he doesn’t want to do that job.


EDITED TO ADD: The House passed the bill, it’s about 5:40amET.

So here we are, Godaddy has managed to move slower than congress.

That’s quite a feat








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