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Chip: Thank you, sir! May I have another?

Animal House 1968

I have a message and a story for angry Democrat activist disappointed with the left on  DACA.

Back in the days when I was writing alone on this blog by design rather than because Godaddy wants to treat me as their servant rather than their customer, the majority in the house was a Democrat one led by the same Nancy Pelosi who spend hours holding the floor today.

At the same time the Senate was held by the now retired Democrat Harry Reid who while as dishonest and dishonorable as they come managed not only a majority but a filibuster-proof majority.

And the president at that time was Barack Obama who was so popular he managed to win the Nobel Peace prize just for existing.

There are many unflattering things one can honestly say about Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid, some of which are not printable, even in a backup blog.   But in terms of political power and savvy  and its application both were adept Mr. Reid in my opinion more so than Ms. Pelosi as he, believe it not had less scruples than she did,particularly when dealing with fellow senators.  These two were pros who had power and were willing to use it to get what they wanted.

Yet neither of them spent as much time legislatively on legalizing illegals or DACA kids during their entire time in the majority when they could have passed any bill they wanted than Nancy Pelosi did today trying to convince you that she really gives a damn about you.

Now as a conservative I’m of course pleased that this was the case, but I think it’s important for you to remember that you are being used as a bunch of suckers and have been for years.

I suspect you know this but until you are willing to publicly acknowledge this it will continue to happen.