24 Hours to Lose a Narrative

Posted: February 7, 2018 by datechguy in Uncategorized

Not a lot of time to write with my site woes still in the forefront but I’d like to point out one thing of some interest.

Just 24 hours ago the MSM was all in with the idea that the 1000 point stock market drop proved that the markets were in retreat thanks to Trump forgetting that even with that drip the market was up thousands of points since he started killing regulation…

Then the Market rallied the next day and now suddenly the narrative is you can’t judge stocks day to day.

That will be the narrative until the next day of profit taking kicks in.

With the shifting narratives on releasing classified documents (it’s good, it’s bad, it’s good again, maybe not all in week) I really don’t see how the media keeps its credibility in their own eyes, but hey as Baghdad Bob would say, a guy has to make a living doesn’t he?

Update: Why the shifting narratives on the Dem memo? Because while the GOP was trying to expose malfeasance without compromising FBI sources & methods the Democrat memo is exactly the opposite:

“It’s full of sources and methods,” said one lawmaker, referring to highly classified information. “It includes material that they clearly cannot release,” said another. “It’s nothing but sources and methods,” said a third. “Even to the footnotes.”

The inclusion of all that classified information has Republicans speculating on Democratic strategy. (A Democratic spokesman declined to comment.) One widely held theory is that the memo was intentionally written in a way that the FBI, Justice Department, and White House would have little choice but to recommend extensive redactions.

“Part of what they are going to do is to talk about how the White House redacted their memo and didn’t redact the Republican one,” said one of the lawmakers quoted above. “Part of the plan was, let’s create a document that gets eviscerated in the scrubbing and comes out with a bunch of redactions and they say, look, the White House is hiding something.”

Those suspicions were fueled Monday when Rep. Adam Schiff of California, the top Democrat on the Intelligence Committee, told reporters, “We want to make sure that the White House does not redact our memo for political purposes, and obviously that’s a deep concern.”

“I am concerned they will make political redactions, not redactions to protect sources and methods,” Schiff continued. He said Democrats will demand that any redactions be “fully explained” by the FBI, Justice Department, and White House.

It’s worth noting, not only did the GOP vote unanimously to release both memos as opposed to dems who voted on a party line but the same media/left that spent a week falsely claiming security was at risk with the release of memo one isn’t crying security today.



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