Back on the old Blog as Godaddy Suspends me

Posted: February 6, 2018 by datechguy in Uncategorized

I’ve been sick in bed for a pair of days and to my surprise found myself unable to access my site.  I was rather surprised to discover it had been suspended by Godaddy.

They seem to take exception to the number of images I generate and to some of the audio files stored on their servers.

While pulling down old audio is not that big a deal sorting through the image files without the site itself so I can determine what files I need and what I don’t is going to be pretty hard without the site itself.

So for now I’m posting here.  Posting itself would be light due to mine and my wife’s illness but given my current limitations they will likely be even lighter as I try to juggle normal life, my regular job and resolving this to GoDaddy’s satisfaction (silly conservative me thinking that as the customer they might be might be more concerned with  my satisfaction).

So for now the site is back here, I’ll have to see about setting up accounts for my writers here as well but that will also take some time to get done.


I suspect this problem and the resolution of it is going to lead to some expense, likely to get a dedicated server service for the site to prevent this from happening again and perhaps a migration of the site because while it’s unchristian to hold a grudge against a person, it isn’t to hold one against a company. So if you’d like to help defray those costs please consider hitting DaTipJar here.

Consider subscribing.  If we can get 92 more subscribers at $20 a month I can do this full time without worry.

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