DOS attack or Just problems? Main site down UPDATE back up

Posted: March 5, 2012 by datechguy in internet/free speech
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Went off with the wife a couple of hours ago to replace the dying Washer and came back with an instalanche on my latest Saturday Diner post.

So I went to the site to update and acknowledge the lanche and presto, 503 error.

I saw no reason why an instalanche should bring down my site so I called Godaddy (my hosting service) that said it was indeed just a question to too much traffic for me to handle.

So either I have some kind of Super instalanche overwhelming my site because everyone likes diners, or I’m being hit with a DOS attack, possibility for my posts on Rush but much more likely for my attacks on Anonymous.

Now I’ve got a Knights of Columbus meeting so I’m going to be scooting but until my site is available I’ll be posting new stuff here at the old wordpress blog.

Update: Back up, and the Diner post is here.

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